Backing up iOS app data?


Tldr; how does one copy app data to a new idevice?

I feel like an idiot for asking this, but I could use some help. Costco had 110 bucks off 256GB iPad Pro 10.5 and I’ve been meaning to get one, so I jumped on it.

The last time I did this, an iTunes backup would copy all of your apps and then you could just restore from a backup to the new device. As of ios9 this seems to no longer be true. And some apps will backup data to iCloud, but most don’t.

So, how does one keep their app data when migrating to a new device? I gather you can use iexplorer, but manually copying files for each app sounds hella tedious.



Take an encrypted backup in iTunes, that will save all your data. It still downloads the apps from Apple over the internet, I don’t believe iTunes stores the IPA files anymore.


No, it definitely doesn’t store the IPA files, but I was googling all over the damn net trying to definitively tell if app data was stored. Didn’t want to just assume it was and I couldn’t find a source that explicitly said it was.

I did an iTunes backup. Not sure if it is encrypted or not offhand. I’m fine with re downloading the apps themselves.


Icloud backups actually store your app data too, just not anything marked sensitive or a password.

Also note that neither icloud backups nor itunes backups will store your apps’ documents. For example, I have a couple hundred megabytes of EPUB books in my Marvin ereader’s document store, and they didn’t make it to my new iPhone when I restored it.


That’s fine. All work docs I have are in Dropbox anyway.

Thanks for the assist


Well, this has turned into quite the disaster. With either iCloud or iTunes backups, the vast majority of apps won’t restore. They just say “waiting” and I keep getting messages that items are no longer available, even though they clearly are. If I download an item manually from the App Store by hitting the stop icon then the download button, I get the app, but no data. Fun.

I think it is trying to download old versions. I’m going to update everything on the old iPad and try to backup and restore again

Edit: think I have found the apps causing issues and everything is working now