Backing up my Outlook Express address book?

I’ve finally started trying to get into the practice of backing stuff up. Nothing fancy, just copying some critical work-related stuff onto a 2Gb flash drive that I can keep with me in case my PC ever blows up or get stolen.

Does anybody know how to make a backup of my Outlook Express address book? I have hundreds of email addresses that I’d like to be able to copy onto my backup disc to safeguard against catastrophic loss, or even if I just want to copy all my addresses into Outlook Express on another PC one day. Is there a simple file lurking somewhere that I can backup?

it’s the .WAB file

check in

C:\Documents and Settings(USER)\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book


which says:

“C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\user_name.wab”

Thank you both!

BTW, that directory is normally ‘hidden’, so make sure you allow hidden files to be seen before looking for it.