Backlighting behind tv?

I am working on computer in living room and have a lamp pointing to the wall behind the tv for more light too see my components. An interesting thing when I went to watch some tv and left it on is it somehow made viewing more comfortable. This is obviously too bright, but now I’m wondering if I should get an LED strip to go behind tv. Anyone else done this? If it’s static, how do you know what color to choose?

I picked up a cheapo LED strip off Amazon – there’s a million different sellers but it’s all more or less the same product. Plugs in to your TV’s USB and nowadays they even come with a remote so you can choose the color. I noticed my eyes weren’t as strained with the extra light source, and the blue I chose was nice and relaxing before bed (when I usually watch TV). Definitely would recommend it.

I recently wrapped a long shelf that’s right above and behind my living room TV with a lightstrip, rather than sticking the lightstrip to the back of the TV itself. It’s purplish right now, but I could pick any color. Phillips Hue / Amazon Echos.

There is some debate as to which color is best to relax a person and prepare them for better sleep. If you google it, you’ll see a lot of research that shows blue is best, and some other research that argues that blue is actually detrimental for pre-sleep in a few ways. So I’m still experimenting with color. (I have a color lightstrip and a couple of color bulbs in the bedroom as well.)

Is there a color that might be best for watching movies or playing games in the dark you think?

I’d stick with yellow if you can. Yellow light is best for watching TV/Movies, iirc.

AWESOME thanks!

I have an extra (white I think) lightning kit for behind the TV I could send to you?

I improvised something like this couple years back by draping a string of xmas lights on the wall behind one of my gaming computers. Provides just enough light to see the mouse and keyboard without needing any other light being turned on, which is nice for playing darker games.

For me, this was easy since there is a wall-mounted shelf behind the computer, so fixing the strands in place with twist ties was easy.

If you’re planning on digging out your seasonal decorations soon, this is a convenient time of year to test it before having to spend money on some fancy lighting solution. I just used a strand of reg, green, and blue bulbs, which in theory average out to white. But I am moderately colour blind, so I’m the wrong person to ask whether it will cause problems for your colour perception.

I used this. RGB and runs off the TV’s USB port.

I think it’s this:

I think pure white would be better than yellow if you’re not using the room for anything else. For a regular lamp, something approaching daylight is very nice. (I don’t like low wattage yellow incandescent bulbs. Yuck.)

I use HUE’s lightstrips. Strongly disagree on yellow. Generally I have it blue/purple/auburn.

Colourwise, I usually have it on cyan, because it looks cool. I’ve read it’s supposed to be white for movies, though.

Well, if yellow doesn’t do it for you (I have a nice, soft yellow lamp in my gaming den and I love the ambiance of it) I would probably go with Red or Blue, as that’s what I alternate my RPG to on my keyboard/mouse and I have a nice little Darth Vader glass lamp on my desk that can be changed colors, and I usually use Red or Blue for a little extra, non-distracting light.

I like all these colors and alternate routinely depending on my mood. Variety is the spice of life. And eyeballs!