Backlog games you're finally picking up now (that're interesting)

This seems like the ideal time to start working through that games backlog. This thread is for posts about playing those critically acclaimed titles you bought on sale over the years but never quite got around to playing.

I just finished Event[0], an excellent game you probably own and never played too. Total playtime 4 hours, and I went through it twice to see all the endings. Very light puzzles, atmospheric, a great title song, and an unusual gameplay element in the slightly (or is he?) psychotic AI you communicate with by typing in text on many terminals. Qt3 doesn’t even have a thread for this game, but it’s definitely worth your time.

Next up, Tacoma. Kinda/sorta similar, I’m on a lonely walking adventure spaceship game kick.

I’m all about the backlog! I just finished tomb raider 2013, which I think was a free give away in late march. Aside from the crazy tonal shift from a person who feels reluctant to kill a deer to eat to an hour later murdering 100 people, I thought it was pretty great. I now understand all the comments on QTE portions of the game I’d heard about, but those bits really didn’t bother me much. What did bother me was hearing poor Laura scream/cry as she was constantly bashed/smashed or thrown 30 feet to the ground, sometimes getting impaled at the end.

I’m now onto watchdogs2, which I’ve enjoyed so far for traveling around the city and taking pictures of interesting places, but the gameplay hasn’t yet clicked with me. Maybe if I get a few more upgrades…

I’m giving Watchdogs 1 a go… seems quite interesting but grokking the systems is as usual taking me a bit.

I’ve queued up all the remaining freebies I have:


This is my quarantine :)

I finished Far Cry 5 and am now going through Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The latter is absolutely massive, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it by the time lockdown is over.

I started up GTAIV as they had added Steam achievements and I never got that far in. I’m still working though (from home) so gaming time hasn’t increased that much.

Working on far cry 5 (fun!) and the recent jedi game (hard!). I also spend as much time as I can, which isn’t much (two small kids) in VR, flying DCS and Il2.

Couple of weeks prior, I played through Portal 2. Why did it take me so long??? Puzzles felt just hard enough to lead to a worthwhile “aha” moment when it clicked. And the writing had me shaking my head a few times as I’d crack a smile.

Based on my “recommend me one of these RPGs” thread I started on Transistor, but that didn’t stick, so now I’m finishing the expansion in Icewind Dale EE. Next up is probably Skyrim, which I suppose could last me until the heat death of the universe.

I played through Arkham City and just have the extras challenges left if I want. That was a good game.

Also finished Kingdom Rush Origins. Started Sang Froid Tales of Werewolves.

Wow, blast from the (relative[ly recent]) past. I got stuck on that one years ago and never went back, but I will forever love it for that amazing menu music.

The whole soundtrack is great. I played it through with both brothers and it’s an excellent ‘plan and execute’ game with a really clever economy and some surprisingly tense moments of improvisation too. Some of the acting is cringeworthy but I still like the overall presentation.

I bought new games instead of playing anything in my backlog, because I am dumb. ;)

Fallout 76
Driftlands and the other humble monthly stuff
Borderlands 3
Northgard - Himminbrjotir, Clan of the Ox
Metro Exodus
XCOM: Chimera Squad
Rebel Inc: Escalation

I don’t have my original disks anymore (I’ve moved far, far too often to hold on to ephemera like that), but I’m thinking of finally finishing up Dark Earth after all these years, and maybe even doing a kind of Let’s Play thread about it. The French aren’t putting out weird games like they did in the 80s and 90s anymore (ok, except for E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, wow), and even the Russians have lost some of their magic from those bygone days, I think.

I have been looking at my backlog and general Steam library.

Backlog ideas include but are not limited to:

Witcher 1
Sniper Elite 4
Far Cry 3
Baldurs Gate EE
Icewind Dale EE

But I also am thinking of re-playing Bioshock Infinite now that I have the DLC. Or maybe re-playing Skyrim.

I bounced off the Witcher 1 several times. Just can’t make it stick.

I never figured out what the deal was with 76. Is it playable stand-alone or does it require multiplayer?

Speaking of backlogs and Fallout, I tried to play Fallout 2; I liked it but it kept crashing every hour on my modern PC so I gave up after the first main town.

Damn, that review is making me kind of want to play E.Ψ.Ǝ Divine Cybermancy again…

The reason I have never played it (and I bought it cheap) was how everyone complains about the combat. That would kill it for me.

I’m getting into Conquest of Elysium 4. I had tried it a few times, but now I think it is finally clicking. Playing the Baron class, which seems pretty straightforward, but hoping to find another class that is batshit crazy.

Retried Prey 2017 and this time it clicked. Blew through it all the way to the end once I figured out it was Arkane’s love letter to Bioshock (probably System Shock, but I never played it, so that’s all I have to go on) and played it with that in mind. What a great game. Halfway through a second no-needles playthrough.

Load times on the XB1X are brutal, though.