Backyard Bug Battle, or whatever. Why doesn't a game like this exist?

Okay, help me out here. A friend of mine asked me why there hasn’t been an RTS based on bugs, in which the caterpillars turn into your air units, the spiders can web their opponents, the ants can zerg, beetles are your tanks, and so forth, all set in a backyard where everything small to us is really big to the bugs. Like the Army Men games, but with bug factions. Surely this has happened, right? It was just really obscure and I missed it.


Warez’d this way back in the day :0

Impossible Creatures is the only thing I can think of that comes close.

edit - oohh forgot about the two mentioned above.

It’s not exactly like what you’re talking about, but Maxis’ old SimAnt featured lots of bugs fighting and a few RTS elements.

I was gonna mention this one. Loved it back in the day.

Battle Bugs was crazy fun.

Empire of the Ants by Microids.

Man, you guys are good. How did I miss those? That first one is a turn-based console game, but Battle Bugs and Empire of the Arts sound tres cool.

And, yeah, SimAnts is partly what I was thinking of when I wondered why no one had made a bona-fire bug RTS.


Yes, I remember Battle Bugs, from Sierra/Dynamix, iirc.

Of what I remember of it, it was a pretty good game too.