"Bacon lowers sperm count, fish improves it"

“Bacon lowers sperm count, fish improves it”

Source: Sidney Morning Herald (excerpt below)

London: Just one rasher of bacon a day can damage a man’s fertility, while eating a portion of white fish such as cod or halibut every other day can improve it, researchers have suggested.

The study by Harvard University on 156 men in couples suffering problems conceiving examined their diet and the size and shape of their sperm.

Researchers found that men who regularly ate processed meat had significantly lower amounts of normal sperm, compared with those who limited the amount of foods like bacon, sausages, hamburgers, ham and mince.

On average, those who ate the equivalent of less than a rasher of bacon a day had 30 per cent more normal sperm than those who ate higher quantities of processed meats.

A good way to ensure natural selection. Smart people eat healthy, stupid people eat bacon. (Yes, I’m talking about you … and me!)


what is a “mince”?

I’ll aim to break even.

We’re all gonna die of global warming soon anyway. Earth is doomed. Having kids is dumb.

Might as well eat some bacon while we’re still here.

This proves there is no God or that he’s a vindictive bitch. Putting bacon on the table and making it bad for us.

“Mince” is Strine (and English English) for “ground beef.” At least I assume beef, and not ground pork or lamb. “Mincemeat,” of course, is usually fruit. Which stands to reason.

Not sure why mince qualifies as “processed” meat, though.

Eye-level arch play devoisters.

So, bacon causes less kids…kids cost a bunch of money to raise…bacon saves me money. Increasing bacon intake!

Without even knowing more than what type of study it is and the sample size I feel fairly confident saying you can disregard this “finding” and be no worse off :) God, I hate health pronouncements based on extremely small sample cohort studies*… I really do want to stab every “health” and “science” reporter in the face some days.

  • Don’t even get me started on how unreliable people are in reporting their own eating habits.

I guess these (NSFW) are redundant, then.

Update me when we know how much bacon one needs to eat to get the equivalent of a vasectomy.