"Bacon, pork shortage 'now unavoidable,' industry group says"

Source: LA Times (though perhaps “End Times” would be more appropriate)

“Bacon, pork shortage ‘now unavoidable,’ industry group says”

Might want to get your fill of ham this year, because “a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable,” according to an industry trade group.

Blame the drought conditions that blazed through the corn and soybean crop this year. Less feed led to herds declining across the European Union “at a significant rate,” according to the National Pig Assn. in Britain.

And the trend “is being mirrored around the world,” according to a release (hat tip to the Financial Times).

In the second half of next year, the number of slaughtered pigs could fall 10%, doubling the price of European pork, according to the release.

The trade group urged supermarkets to pay pig farmers a fair price for the meat to help cover the drought-related losses.

In U.S. warehouses, pork supply soared to a record last month, rising 31% to 580.8 million pounds at the end of August from a year earlier, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The surge came as farmers scaled down their herds as feeding the animals became increasingly expensive.

In July, global food prices leaped 10% from the month before, according to the World Bank. Maize and wheat jumped 25% while soybeans rose 17%.

About time.

Down with the Cult of Bacon!

I love how the article title says “bacon, pork shortage”. For those of us who didn’t know that bacon came from pigs.



I witnessed this in person at Whole Foods the other day when the meat counter man told a customer that they no longer had Applewood Smoked Bacon and wouldn’t be able to get it in again due to the drought. So I bought 100 packs of bacon to freeze for the end times.

I need your address, just in case. ;)

They’re just trying to swinedle us.

As long as we keep Kevin Bacon alive we’ll be ok.

Damn Pig Cartels!

This was all done so that next month Obama can say that the gov’mint is releasing bacon surpluses too normalize the supply and then drive up his approval rating.

Pork-barrel politics.

This thread delivers, except bacon, 'cause you know, shortage.

Boss Hogg strikes back: I’ll show them Duke boys!

This forum seriously needs a “like” button, because you guys are on a roll! :-D

Personally, having some like a post is meaningless…but if it was a Bacon button, to give someone bacon for a great post would be awesome…

I blame this guy for frivolous bacon use.

I don’t want to be a boar, but this shortage has been bacon in the economic oven for some time. Soon we’ll all be in hock.

Unless they were Jewish, Muslim, or vegetarian. Then, that would just be cruel.

WELL! Looks like this time next year, I really won’t be bringin’ home the bacon!

…because I’ll be unemployed WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAH