Bad fonts! Ack!

Okay, can anyone tell me what’s going on here:

The fonts on the left are all screwy. At first, I blamed the sunglasses-wearing dog, but I’m getting all kinds of wacky font activity like this in Outlook and Opera. Any ideas?


You ran a virus scan, I take it?

Humm. If you’re holding down the control key and roll the wheel of your scroll mouse, it can resize your fonts. The first time I did this I was completely baffled at what happend to my fonts.

No virii. It’s not a font scaling issue, because that’s how it looks at 100%. Oddly enough, at other sizes, the font looks fine. It’s really weird because it’s happening across multiple programs. Can fonts get corrupted in Windows?



Yes, fonts can get corrupted. Given your description of the problem, that’s probably what happened. What version of Windows are you running?

Windows 98. Should I just run one of those repair install dealies?


Sort of a long shot, but you could try deleting C:\Windows tfCache and rebooting. That’s your font cache and it gets regenerated by Windows on restart.

For fucks sake, what’s wrong with you? Windows NINETY EIGHT? You god damned dirty luddite.

For fucks sake, what’s wrong with you? Windows NINETY EIGHT? You god damned dirty luddite.[/quote]

Yeah Tom. Get with the program and XP already. We’re gonna badger you until you do. You won’t regret it. Honest. Well, maybe a little, but it’s worth it. Hell, you can write a nice column about your upgrade pain, errrr… path. Yeah, that’s it.

You could try asking MS for a review copy!

Yeah, say that it’s either XP or Linux you’ll be recommending this month. I GUARANTEE THEY’LL OVERNIGHT YOU XP WITH A NICE CUTSEY CARD SIGNED BY BILL WITH HEARTS AND KISSES.

Well, maybe not the card. But I could just imagine it… heh.

LOL! And I thought I was one of the last people here to move to XP.

I’m still on Windows 98. It’s leaner and not as bloated as the other incarnations of Windows OS’es. I’m with the Chick.

Windows 98 is definitely leaner. But XP is much more stable. If you have the horsepower and disk space to run XP I strongly recommend upgrading. As Woolen Horde says you won’t regret it. Overall XP is much, much better than Windows 98.

Hey, cut the man some slack. It costs monry to upgrade OS. If it isn’t broke…

(Naturally, I still use Windows 98).

Tom, that freaky font thing looks a LOT like something that happened to me when I changed the resolution on a laptop one time. Windows wasn’t able to make the fonts appear normally at the changed resolution. I can’t remember now if it was because of an increase of decrease of resolution, but it happened just as you say, across multiple programs. I really doubt your fonts are corrupt, since it appears to be happening to several different fonts at the same time. I’d look for a more global answer to the issue.

Try resizing your resolution up and down. It’s free to try, and doesn’t involve any risky installs or file swapping.

XP is a great operating system all the game playing ability of 98 with the stablility of Win2k. 98 is so 5 years ago, get rid of it.

– Xaroc

I don’t upgrade for the sake of upgrading. Nor do I subscribe to conforming to the latest fads and what’s deemed “in” and “out” by my societal peers. The newest technology doesn’t always make my world that much better.

Maybe not, but I’d think that increased stability, at the very least, is a good practical reason to upgrade. Windows XP is a huge improvement over 98 in that regard.

No, but an OS that doesn’t crash is one thing that does make your world better.

Windows XP crashes for me… errrr… never? I’m really straining here to think of a crash, and can’t think of one. Once a month or so maybe a game will crash the system, but overall, I just don’t reboot it, and it stays up.

(Except when ducks melt the video card).

I hate xp. I have been wanting to set up a dual boot win2k/win98 box for almost a year now, but I keep putting it off. Win2k for general usage and stability, and win98 to play all the old games that windows xp fucks up.