Bad kids get an oak tree up the ass from Santa this year

One of the new pics from Sparky’s They Came from Hollywood page.

That is exponentially more disturbing than an evil Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man. :wink:

What about the animation of Santa getting gassed by the Army? That’s a hair on the disturbing side, too.

I hate this quandry. I want this game RIGHT NOW. However, I want it to be bug-free and polished, too. I know I must be patient, but being patient is not the American Way.

He’s only sleeping! SLEEPING, I tell you!

First Piglet, then Santa?

If Sparky can show Mother Teresa re-animating as a drooling zombie, she’ll destroy the last few neurons in my head that are still tinged with innocence.

I just know she’s going for the trifecta of psychic damage, but I don’t know where it’s coming from…

Looks like an obscure homage to one of the last episodes of Macross actually…

Huh…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Macross. Is there an episode with a giant Santa mech or something?

Huh…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Macross. Is there an episode with a giant Santa mech or something?[/quote]

Macross = Robotech. And in every purist’s eyes a special level of hell has just been created for me for daring to make such a simple statement, where Japanese pop singers will trill their merry songs and I will be forced to rip my intestines out and stuff them in my ears to try and seek sweet peace.

I think in a couple of episodes the [insert enemy name here] were walking around human cities, and they were quite big. Or something like that.

I preferred Mr. Sta-Puff as a comparison. How about a big rabbit? Then it can get gassed and I can show my cousins and say “See? Your bunny is just sleeping as well, and when he wakes up, he’ll brush that dirt off we put over him and he’ll come bounding back from the flower bed!”

I’m with ya on that. I have have the perfect answer. How about they release it right now completely bug ridden and nearly unplayable then we can bitch and moan about it for about 6 months. Then they can release a 200 meg patch and we can all proceed to talk about how great it is and how they should have waited.

Ohh, what is someone on the development team leaks an alpha version of the title, ala Quake3/Doom3? With only two team members I don’t think it would take them long to figure out who did it but screw it.

Yippee!!! New shots. Look at all those little bastards running around, waiting to be squashed.

One complaint: A little too much material on the 50ft. woman’s outfit. Shouldn’t I be able to see a bit more cleavage from that height and maybe be able to smother a few folks in there. Say a group the size of a nuclear family. :wink: Get it. Nuclear family. uh hehe…he…ugh! Sorry.

Very excited here Sparky. :)