Bad Mojo!

I want to let all the comic book fanatics on these boards know that my latest graphic novel, Bad Mojo, was released last week by AiT/Planet Lar. Here’s the synopsis:

"Bruce O’Connor is on the cusp of realizing his childhood dream–playing professional baseball. But while driving cross country–with two friends–to report for spring training in Arizona, Bruce falls asleep at the wheel and hits another car. As luck would have it, the other car is being driven by a man-hating witch.

"Enraged that Bruce has damaged her car, she curses him: Every day at dawn he will die and when the sun goes down he’ll come back to life. With his professional baseball career in jeopardy, and the clock ticking before the start of spring training, Bruce and his friends agree to help the witch. If they get her certain “items”, she’ll lift the curse.

“While getting the witch the hand of a dead murderer, the three friends lose track of time and Bruce drops dead in the middle of a busy diner outside of Harras, Oklahoma. Unfortunately for Bruce and his friends, the people in Harras don’t take too kindly to witchcraft and people rising from the dead…”

If you’d like more information on the book, including a 15-page preview, head on over to my site:

Bad Mojo is available through, Barnes and, and your local comic book retailer.