Bad Motherboard? Bad Power Supply? What?

I have one of the my computer driving me crazy. Its a recent built system with virtually all new parts. In fact I have two virtually the same. One works fine, a super trooper, the other more wobblely that a drunk on stilts. They have:
celeron 1.7 ghz
asrock motherboard with onboard video, audio and lan
128 megs of 2100 ddr
250 watt power supply (same make but I don’t have that info handy)
40 gig maxtor drives.
Running Windows ME

I built these in early december. One is fine, one isn’t The one that has a problem had issues fairly right away. Random lockups and wouldn’t wake up from sleep mode. These lockups happen once a day till now almost once an hour. The past few days, it started something new and something I’ve never seen in my 16+ years of building computers. It only partly powers on some times. I didn’t quite figure it out right away. At first I thought it was the moniotr because the computer was on but the monitor said it couldn’t get a signel. I open the system up and saw that the power supply was on and spinning, the drives were on and powered, but none of the system fans were running and none of the leds on the cards were lit but the leds off the motherboard were.

Now when it does come one, Windows only sucessfully loads 30% of the time and the mouse flat out will not work anymore. (I’ve tried several)

My gut feeling is I have a bad mother board or power supply. Since I have two alike systems it would be easy to swap parts but I’ve learned in the past that either one of those could damage other parts so I’m kind of shy on swapping.

So I’m going to try to do a warrenty call but I want advice as to what is really going on before I press forward. Is it the motherboard?

Sure sounds like it. For kicks why don’t you swap in the power supply and memory from your other machine and see if it makes any difference - if it doesn’t then check to make sure you have identical jumper settings on your motherboards and reseat everything.

Sounds like what happened to my SiS 735 board a year or so back; it got to the point where it would turn itself on in the middle of the night.

Google is making me think that Asrock is using SiS chipsets, which sort of makes me think SiS just makes awful stuff.

My money’s on the motherboard, too.