Bad news from Iraq - we're bulldozing their citrus trees

Words fail me.

Ah yes, sweet liberation.

There is a God.

But Jason, you missed the bigger story on the same site:

The right wing conspiracy to fix computerized voting and steal democratic votes in central Atlanta in the 2002 mid-term elections,

In Georgia, citizens were alarmed at apparent anomalies in the election results forgovernor and one of the state’s two Senate seats. Both offices were won by Republicans in last-minute voting swings away from Democrats.

I wonder what Saddam would have done to those farmers if he suspected they covered for rebels against his rule?

Trees can be replanted. The same can’t be said for American soldiers.

Do you think bulldozing crops will make the Iraqis love us and stop rebelling? Or that it’ll piss them off?

That we’re apparently selectively doing it against the farmers that don’t inform is the strange part.

Mulligan: You have to admit there are sincere problems with these machines. Large security holes have been discovered and published on websites, allowing people to log in and alter the votes WITHOUT leaving a trail that can be detected on the regular vote audit - and courts have ruled that it’s illegal to examine the code to make sure it’s not allowing tampering. Why? Because the company “has a right to privacy.” It’s also not encouraging that the owner of the company is a long-term supporter of one political party, who has said that he “would do anything” to see them elected.

Surely, despite your political stance, can see the potential problems here.

Well, I’m not there, so I have no way of knowing the extenuating circumstances. It does seem logical that if there were guerillas in the area, large groves would make for ideal cover. And if the farmers are knowingly harboring the guerillas (do you think they would admit it if they were?), they are aiding in the killing of our troops.

The Iraqis will never love us, and they will only stop rebelling when they have their own government in place and have experienced a better quality of life for a period of time. The best we can hope for is to minimize our losses during the painful transition.

Although I do admit that the loud blaring of jazz music is cruel and unusual punishment…

Well, the first thing that immediately came to mind is how we used Agent Orange in Vietnam to destroy the “cover” of the enemy. Didn’t work out as intended there.

It might work militarily, but it’s a horrible idea politically. It no longer becomes a question of “loving us” - it’s seething hatred.

Hey, remember when Americans used to be the good guys? You know, World War 1, World War 2, Korea? What ever happened to those days?

Yeah, I was just doing an “alternate-universe-McCulloughism”

Computerized voting is an insanly error prone system. Kinda like randomly bulldozing or blanket bulldozing fig trees instead of selectively.

<wipes away a tear> I’ve… I’ve never felt so close to you before, Mulligan. LET’S HUG!

Step away from the mulligan before you catch something! :)

Yeah, that’ll make us popular. Look how much good it has done the Israelis.

Why bulldoze the trees? This will harm all Iraqis by decreasing the supply and increasing the prices of goods like figs. Why not just buldoze their houses like they do in Israel. Sorry, I mean like the Israelis do in the territories.