Bad spyware problem

Gah! It seems as thougn my PC is under attack by some bad stuff, despite my best efforts to prevent such a thing. I frequently run Spybot, AdAware and Ewido. However, yesterday I started getting little popups on the bottom right corner of my screen for anti-spyware software. After 3 or so popups, I get another popup threatening to shut my computer down. These popups direct me to a site called

Every time I google the name I am automatically redirected to the site. I really, really want this stuff off of my computer, but despite running all three anti-spuware programs I have, this spyware just keeps coming back. Can some please help me? I am running Windows XP, Athlon 3200 1 gig ram.

If I ever find out who runs this sham company I am going to do bad, bad things to them.

Good luck. (You want the last post.) Q: Were you running Firefox? Did you download/install any software lately?

Try this:

EDIT: That page has made me install adblock on my owrk machine. It turns out that intelliTXT bugs me more than image ads.