Bad Website Design

I need more help due to my weak google powers. I’m looking for examples of business and/or personal website that are really really terrible.

Pretty much every page

Resouce one
Resource two

thanks Raife

Almost every web page for a major game.
… Keyword: FLASH

Savior of the universe!

Sure. Here’s another one.

[Edit]: Wow, I have to highlight this website from their April 7th entry.

For a company that makes such delicious burritos and they keep their menu and restaurants simple and elegant, they have such a horrible web site.

Gillette’s Fusion website that Whitta pointed out is pretty awful, too.

Dang! You stole my line!

I wasn’t expecting a razor website to take me to a holodeck on Tattooine, but then I didn’t reckon with the miracle of flash animation.

The shrooms reference: intentional and the indirect cause of this website, or not?


Hello 1998 called and they’d like their webdesign back.

ow. _ ow. Looking at your examples makes my <HEAD> hurt. They are the <DT> of <META> bad web design, with neither <FORM> nor function. Someone simply needs to </> them.

Any website that thinks 7 point mud brown type on a black background is a good idea. Just check a few gaming sites, it won’t take you long to find one.

I’m willing to cut dorky kids and their Frontpage-formatted amatuer crap some slack.

What really gets to me are the sites people have paid for that just absolutely suck in terms of aesthetics and usability.

Okay that was funny.