Badluck13, Hellfest and fan riots in New Jersey

Fireworks are thrown. Dead animal parts are thrown. Barbed wire bats in the pit. Fluorescent lightbulbs being smashed on people’s heads. Bleachers are flipped over. Mass hysteria. Broken glass and blood everywhere.

So are situations like this (5.2MB, quicktime) common at such “hardcore” shows?

The descriptions coming from the riots that seem to follow this Badluck13 group seem almost too over the top to be true.

i like how they throw stuff at the audience. all the fans are too afraid to come anywhere near the band, so they just stand along the walls and dodge shrapnel.

What. The. Fuck?!


"then when the stampede died down we went and got food. i had a really nice vegan pasta. "

Nothing like vegan foods and hitting people with a barbed wire bat.

Or is it,

“Are you going to beat someone up?”


“Ok. You can eat dead animal.”

“Now, are you going to beat someone up?”


“Ok. Soybeans for you.”

These kids need to go to a rave.

Maybe they should just start listening to the actual music and go to the shows for that instead? Novel idea, eh?


Music, for me anyway, had so much more tied to it then “just” the music. It wasn’t till I got older that I could apply that sense of distance. When I was in high school (and a few years beyond), what you listened to was a big part of how others saw you.

It was a cheap shot on my part, yeah, but damn. They leave themselves open for it. (and no, I wouldn’t say that to there face. Hardcore people are intense.)

I don’t know. The first few seconds of that seem like the appropriate action to take when in the presence of someone wearing a luchador mask. Is it even technically possible to riot from someone’s basement?

This is just the rage left over from accidentally hearing nickelback on the radio.

I guess you guys grew up different, this seemed a little “over the top staged” but not all that crazy from what i have seen before. When I was at Kent, JB’s Down closed 4 times, each time resulted in everything not nailed down being thrown out the back door onto the railroad tracks 2 stories down. The second last time included everything nailed down as it was a bad move when the urinals went over. Was proud the kids learned and didn’t do that again.

I can’t count the times I have seen unsuspecting small clubs or kiddie basements trashed like this or worse. The one thing that has changed is the person on person violence, lots more people seem to get off directly hurting other people, but that has always been around the fringe.


I’m with Chet on this one, it didn’t really look all that bad. It’s not like 90% of the people there were actually doing anything, just standing there staring. It looked lame. The barbed wire bat and lightbulbs are straight out of backyard wrestling shows, which can be fun to watch, but the shock value wears off very quickly.

Interesting stuff.

From the clip, my favorite part is the guy carrying an armload of beers trying to drink one and get the hell out of the way.

Here’s my favorite line from that linked thread - “as i am looking some dude comes running up and asks for a cigarette. he informs me that there is a HUGE riot going on. i ask “over what” he says “bad luck 13” i say so innocently “they arent on yet though” and he says “yes they are” and immediately i am gripped with fear.”

I saw a reference to Life of Agony too. River Runs Red is one of the greatest hardcore CDs of all time.

The wrestling tie-in is very obvious.

i picked up river runs red many years ago, totally randomly. great cd.

Badluck13 is really something. The singer carries a bat wrapped in barbed wire that he swings at people in the crowd.

All hardcore shows I’ve been to have been mostly peaceful, but yeah… Badluck is a whole different bag of shattered glass.

Another first hand account by someone who was hit by rotting cow brain.

Click here.

I only got about halfway through the story before I got tired of her. However, I thought it was funny how she’s talking about going to some show where you know shit is going to go down, then she seems to complain about the stuff that happened. I would think that her reaction to the show should be “Dude, I got hit by fucking cow brains, it kicked ass!”

A number of years ago at this GWAR concert in Vegas I remember a girl in the pit complaining that people were smashing her and stepping on her feet, then she freaked out when the fake blood, urine, and cum started flying into the crowd. So what happens to her? Some guys pick her up and she is handed off across the top of the crowd to the back where she crashes into the barrier seperating the seats and the lower level.

The moral of the story? Sit in the back, with your parents, next time.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people just bit the heads off bats on stage?

I dunno, man, but I’m going to Ozzfest in a month to see if I can find out.