Balatro, a Cheating-Frenzy Roguelike Poker Deckbuilder, Deserves a Thread

I’m on “The Fish” boss blind that says “Cards drawn face down after each hand played”, and I noticed that when I used a suit-conversion Tarot on face down cards I could read them during the brief flip animation. I was considering a risky Flush play, but that quick peek got me the 2 pair + Stone hand I needed to score big.

Even after the update it probably took me 10 tries or so to get the gold stake win. You’ll get it.

I’m trying to complete the challenges, and I only have the last one left (no jokers). It’s tough. I think I got close 1 time out of a few dozen tries. Most of the challenges were actually pretty easy.

Ugg, I was one card away from completing the last challenge.



It was only the last three challenges that caused serious issues. They’re the ones that felt the most like you were just re-rolling until you got a specific setup with Jokers or early Tags (for the No Jokes challenge).

185 hours, which is almost exactly the same amount of time as I put into the demo!


I’ve been trying to get the No Joker challenge for ages, it’s my last one left. I’ve made it to the last blind at least 3 times and then the card draws screw me. Really fristrating.

Sounds terrible!

I’m going to slowly work toward Completionist+ now.

Completionist++ sounds like it would end up with me hating the game, so I’ll probably let that one go.