Baldur's Gate 2 oddity

OK, I’m running BG2 in XP, and I am using a tweak mod that just fixes some things. And I’m running it on an LCD, so it looks kinda crappy anyway, and I have to run it in Windows mode.

But the real problem is that it has what looks like a grid overlay on it. Even the little intro movies have it. It looks like the game is a series of squares, like a puzzle put together (one of those sliding puzzles). Is this just how the game looks and I forgot or is something funny going on?

Do you have 3D acceleration turned on in the game’s menu? If so, turn it off and see if the graphics go back to normal. Have you done much tweaking with the video settings?

I messed with some of the settings, yes, but I hadn’t thought of that. That did the trick, thanks. I’m actually running it in an unsupported mode (1280x960), but that wasn’t the problem. What’s odd is that it wasn’t the vertical lines you used to get with DX problems…it looked almost intentional, so I thought maybe my monitor was stretching it in some odd way.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Good luck against Firkraag, Robert!

Duergar, and drow, and dragons, OH MY

It might look like grids, but maybe it’s actually a series of triangles?

Robert, I believe the texel offset setting in your videocard drivers can fix that. Of course, not sure if videocard drivers still offer that option. Something about pixel centers, 0.5, something.