Baldur's Gate 3 — Here Be Spoiler's

I had no issues finding Gortash. It was actually anticlimactic fight-wise because earlier I’d decided to use the first meeting with Gortash, at this coronation-esque event, to explore the castle and steal everything in sight. And most hidden things.

After some failed stealth checks, I’d ended up getting caught by and fighting (and killing) most of his top-floor security during my stealing-spree. When I came back later in the game to finally confront Gortash they were still all just corpses lying around so I strolled in unopposed and downed Gortash really fast. Didn’t get much reward for it though, since I’d already looted his office.

After the coronation at some point the hall populates with Gortash’s Banite leuitenants and there are a bunch of bloodstains throughout the hall. If you talk to the Banite (I believe he was a half-orc) near the throne he tells you that they culled the non-Gortash supporters and that if you want to speak to Gortash you need to bring the stones to him upstairs.

This is after killing Orin, but before doing anything to piss Gortash off (rescue the Duke/blow up his robots). I believe this is an end-game scenario where you can agree to rule with Gortash together. You can’t exit the conversation without either joining him or killing him though (I think).

The scripting is definitely weird. When I got to Gortash he was like “Your vengeance will have to be postponed, Karlach, I’ve made a deal with your friend.” Yeah, she was there? She was also there when I broke the deal, blew up all your stuff, and you got really mad? What the hell are you talking about now?

I saved him for last too and saw some quirkiness in teh dialogue too. Larian definitely needed another month or two for Act 3’s scripting and content.

Finished the game today. Pretty sure I got the good ending. Nothing bad happened.

  • Mercy killed Orpheus honorably after a job well done. No mindflayers left alive.
  • Lae’zel flew off with a squadron of red dragons into the portal sunset to take the fight to the Lich Queen.
  • Karlach was dying but Wyll, who has since became the Blade of Avernus, agreed to join with her in Avernus so she wouldn’t be alone.
  • Gale pondered about the crown which now lies in the sea. If he managers to retrieve it, he’ll hand it to Mystra and become a Chosen again.
  • Shadowheart had a few lines but she didn’t contribute much to the end-game. Her story was already finished earlier.
  • Astarion is a undead zombie in a deep bowels of some dungeon after I yeeted him off a platform.
  • Minsc and Jaheria delivered their fan service lines.
  • Halsin didn’t say anything.
  • Game ended with Withers smack talking a portrait of the dead three gods.

Yeah that fight is weird. I didn’t know the mechanics at all. I just killed him after his shield went down. He did alpha strike my entire party with his crossbow laser beam for a lot of damage right out the gate. Still brought the ruck and killed him and his cohorts dead. The mechanist bullshit on the walls didn’t factor in much, but I did have Wyll Star Wars detention level style Eldritch blast all that shit.

Mini-review by Act

Act 1

First four levels of 5e is painful. Suffers from too many “kill the entire map” results. Goblin camp, Gith creche, Underdark forge area…(this is where I finally broke down and just made a deal with someone to not have to do that!) Potentially also the Myconid colony…(that’s just the evil path fool!)

Act 2

Best. Most focused. Shortest. Act. Great level range. Has an alternate ending. Big swing consequences. Best act in the game.

Act 3

Like BG2 Chapter 2 except it’s companion quests and legacy quests instead of stronghold quests, and each one usually ends in a boss arena battle. There are a lot of boss arena fights here. Probably too long for a third act. You really lose the pacing of the previous two acts here. The army that is suppose to be on it’s way to invading the city is totally and completely forgotten about. This is actually the kind of thing I wish I could improve and make better than it is, because it has some good stuff going on. But ultimately it’s just a mess of quests. Also BG1 still remains the only game with the full map of the city of Baldur’s Gate!

For those who care - it is totaling worth not killing Yurgir the Orthon in Act 2. He’s a pretty cool guy.

You can’t sneak up on him and his demons or it’s an instant battle. I believe there are a number of checks to get him to talk to you and explain why he’s stuck in Shar’s lair. You have to kill the rat king to break his pact, and then Raphael comes to collect him into another Pact. I was a little disappointed at first - Raphael wasn’t all that mad that I didn’t kill Yurgir like he asked. However, in Act 3, Yurgir appears in your camp to give you a head’s up on the House of Hope. Then in the Raphael battle, he will turn on Raphael and is a massive help during the battle. He can go invisible every turn. THEN you can also directly control him as an ally summon in the end climax to the game. He’s super helpful vs the dragon. Immune to fire damage, and can do huge bursts of damage with his grenade throw thingy. Think he is the only way I killed the dragon under Tactician with time to spare. Plus, like I said, he’s a cool guy.

Yurgir rocks but also will show up at the House of Hope even if you killed him (or convinced him to kill himself) and will still help you with a Persuasion check (“I kicked your ass, I’m going to kill this devil too”)

Yeah I thought I killed him so I was confused. Maybe I let him go? It was a long time ago.


I convinced him to kill his minions, his pet displacer beast, and then himself. I just assumed that actually wasn’t an actual way to escape his contract with Raphael when he showed up again in the house of hope.

To convince him to switch sides requires a very difficult DC30 persuasion check. It’s easier to just banish him from the house of hope with Hope! (It’s called something else like “remove guest”)

Emperor, super spoilerz

There is hidden, entirely missable information about him in a locked DC30 vault at the coin-counters. It confirms he is the mindflayer in the intro, the one that infected you. On a mission to steal the prism from the Gith. Also there’s some stuff about how he may have killed Stelmane. Plus he always wanted you to turn into a mindflayer from the start because he thinks it’s the superior form…

Going Orpheus is the way to go 100% for a good playthrough. He is a super chill bro, and even volunteers to sacrifice himself for the greater good. The very fact the Emperor is like, okay, I’d rather join with the Netherbrain now, bye…die!

No. I never did. Invisibility potions all around.

I just had to make it through the ruins bottleneck when the spaceship shows up. I did soft locked while still inviso on the cutscene so I did it the regular way.

It’s Gortash’s vault, you get the key and vault number from his corpse.

Also, I read that the Emperor will tell you all this himself if you go down certain dialog paths with him. Not sure how, he never told me — I think you need to be friendlier and more credulous with him than I was.

I achieved a very similar ending.

I had Lae’zel stay w/ me since we were a hot item. Killed Orpheus and the rest of the gith left town.

Astarion fled underground since the destruction of the parasite removed his sun immunity.

Otherwise, the same outcomes.

Yeah I figured it was, I just so happened to luck into it beforehand. Lockpicked it after the quest encounter there while Gortash was still very much alive and sitting in his mechanist tower.

I’ll have to revisit that. I opened that vault, but don’t recall any specific reveals. I went with the Emperor, let him eat Orpheus (I used mindflayer powers, but never went semi or full mindflayer), and he was an ally the entire battle through to the brain. He used the stones and used the power to destroy the brain. Ended up being a good guy to the end. Not sure if it was because I trusted him throughout the game, and/or because I slept with him :3.

End game quandary

So I did Orpheus as the mindflayer, then Karlach as the mindflayer…

While I don’t want Orpheus as a mindflayer, I probably goofed making Karlach a mindflayer.

In 20/20 hindsight, should have made Shadowheart the mindflayer. Most definitely.

I’m not sure you can even choose the option you suggest? At least I couldn’t in my playthrough, even though I was romancing them.

Anyway, I went with the only possible choice:

Make yourself the mind flayer. Then kill yourself.

… Hey, I was playing a Dark Urge Oath of Vengeance paladin. I had to pay for my crimes!

Yeah I think you’re right.

Only the PC, Orpheus or Karlach can become a mindflayer to take down the netherbrain, when you ditch the Emperor, which you should do. He’s purely evil and only in it for himself, plus all of this is his fault anyway. One difference is if you choose Karlach there is no prompt to kill her afterwards. She just continues to live as a mindflayer which I thought was odd. It does avoid her normal fate though: Death via engine or go to Avernus.

I wish you could use Gale’s magic nuke without having someone turn into a mindflayer. A bit of an oversight since it triggers after you’ve made the choice now for no reason, at the foot of the brain stem. In fact I’d go even further and make it so you don’t even need the stones. Just Gale. Go straight to the brain and blow it up!