Baldurs Gate 3?

The back blurb about next months issue in the Doom 3 PC Gamer mentions BG3. Has its status changed? Last I heard it was dead in the water after Interplay didnt re-up the license for it from Atari.


I gather Derek’s bought up the license. In this one, the Child of Bhaal finally ascends to the heavens, only to find an abandoned battlecruiser orbiting Faerun. Crewing it with elves, faeries, drow and more, he heads out into the great universe to protect Waterdeep from an alien invasion, and save Elminster from an unfortunate accident with an anal probe.

Which reminds me… I wonder where my copy of the Spelljammer game got off to…

The scene with the team of international lawyers sueing the drow is supposed to be awesome.

The scene with the team of international lawyers sueing the drow is supposed to be awesome.[/quote]

We’ll not likely see it. Rumor has it, the killer spiders vs libel/IP lawyers action got so bloody they’ll have to cut it out to get a T rating. That and reportedly there was some veiled references to elf pron or something in there as well.

It’s automatically going to suck, unless combat is turn-based isometric, using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system!!!1!!11!1!!!111!

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Good one, Alan. :P

Arise from the DEAD, THREAD!!!

It seems that Larian Studios are finally bringing BG3 to life! I really appreciated the Divinity OS engine (eg that its rotatable and not static) and the videos that accompanied every developer update seemed very enthusiastic and friendly. They also seem to really care for their projects, so I’m eager to see what they come up with!

Yes! Short of maybe Obsidian, I couldn’t think of a better studio to resurrect this game series.

Interesting aside, there is a big Baldurs Gate D&D release later this year- perhaps a combined launch?

If Larian actually has the license that would be… interesting. Writing is not their strong area, but they build worlds pretty well. I’m not a fan of the combat mechanics in DOS2 (the armor system wrecks the game IMO) but if they stick to a turn based implementation of D&D rules they should be fine. In short, color me hopeful but skeptical.

Brian Fargo seems to think it’s BG3.

Also apparently it is because last year…

/gathers his party
/ventures forth

Can’t wait.

Jason Schreier confirmed it’s real over on Resetera:

In case there was any doubt, a lot of people are privately confirming to me secondhand/obliquely that this is for real. Holy fucking shit.


Now, I’ll have to actually finish BG2 for once. It’s a shame I’ve lived with for years, but it does feel good to get it out in the open.

Just finished BG1 for the first time last year. Guess BG2 needs to be re-prioritized within my vast backlog.

Can’t wait for this to be a live service game!