Baldurs Gate 3?

I really enjoyed ToEE’s implementation, but I’m not a rules maven who would harp on any inconsistencies.

That’s basically what I’m after. I really want someone to make TOEE2.

And I don’t have a problem with making reasonable adjustments to make it work in this format, but completely removing the notion of missing from the game is not a small thing, and speaks to a troubling design philosophy if you ask me.

I just don’t get why you’d compete for the D&D license if you didn’t want to use the mechanics. What else is there? It’s not like the setting is anything particularly unique or exciting.

But, turn-based or not?

They didn’t say, but who is expecting this to be anything other then a reskin / total conversion of DoS2?

Vin I love you … but gosh let them breathe. Who KNOWS what larian is gonna do… in the meantime… are you leveling someone to BG2?

I am. But I may start over. Just think – an character that we had in 1999 or some such might be here today?

Fair point, what’s the use of getting worked up over hypotheticals? They’re just sending very confusing signals, honestly. One minute it’s “we’re going to eliminate missing” and the next it’s “we’re going to make a game true to 5th edition rules.” Eh, you’re right though, too early to worry about it.

No? A character import seems incredibly unlikely what with the time-period jump to 5th and the way BG2 ends. I love those games but played them to death back in the day, I’m not sure I have another run in me. Even if I did, there are too many other big interesting RPG’s on my plate to start rehashing old ones!

I would have agreed even last year, but for whatever reason the idea of playing BG2 again appealed to me (I never hardly touched the enhanced edition) and I put almost 10 hours into it this weekend and can’t wait to get back from work to play some more. Just amazing.

Cool. Hopefully at some point the urge will strike me, too. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to replay them, but thus far attempts have ended quickly and, seriously, my backlog (especially of RPGs) is just disastrous. :)

This is what it took for me, as well. I just played both BG1 and then 2 (plus all expansions) probably… well, at this point it was probably 10 years ago, one summer. I got super into them. I assumed it was the last time I’d ever play them again, but I’m finding (another benefit to getting old) I barely remember anything, plus some of the stuff I’m doing is actually new from the EE.

I do agree, there is no way importing from the old games will be a thing with the new game. I suppose anything is possible though.

They said specifically the MC will be new. And since you presumably start at low level it wouldn’t make any sense to import the godlike end-of-game Baldur’s Gate 2 MC even if there was some way to convert between systems. The only thing I’m nostalgically hoping for is a stat roller for which you have to go about 90 minutes of clicking to come up with the perfect set of stats only to lose it because in your trance you clicked one too many times…

Have the devs talked about what type of game this is going to be? Because it’s hard for me to imagine Google pumping money into this for Stadia if it’s a keyboard/mouse turn-based RPG. I feel like it has to be action oriented and driven by their new controller, at least on Stadia.

I would love this. I hope it keeps track of number of rolls per character to shame you like ToEE did. :) Some of my characters had like 70+ rolls, I loved it.

Wasn’t Divinity OS 2 very successful on consoles? That’s turn-based and controller based. No reason this can’t be driven by a controller and still be a turn-based game. One would think it would be much harder to control a party of characters in real time with a controller, in fact.

Well without at least 4 18s how else are you supposed to roll up the optimal barbarian who class-changes to wizard to maximize hit points and magical power by level 20? I ask you.

Rolling up Fighters was the best, because you’d get a great set of rolls but the STR would be 18/42. OR, the opposite would happen where you’d get a STR of 18/92, but the Con and Dex would be < 12.

Anyway, I think everything uses a point buy system these days. Boooring.

Keep in mind that the new game takes place 100 years after the last one. If your character was human, they are long since gone.

Mention of time can be seen here:

What if I was a human mage 100 years ago and now I’m a lich?

I finally dove into bgee this past week. Do folks like to clear areas as they come across them, or does the story give you enough xp? I’ve been trying to get folks leveled up, but nashkel mines wasn’t too bad, so maybe it isnt needed. Did have to save scum a bit though.

You know full well that’s how Edwin’s going to be in the new one.

HA! I wish.