Baldurs Gate 3?

I was fooled. I thought the video would contain the actual reveal.

I am planning complete playthroughs of BG 1 and 2 in the run up to 3. I’m sure others plan the same!

Tiax or GTFO

Already started.

Already finished.

I posted about it in the Replaying Baldur’s Gate thread.

Sure, but if you want to play the best rendition of D&D rules in a computer game, it isn’t Baldur’s Gate.

It’s Trokia’s overlooked and underloved middle game: The Temple of Elemental Evil.

All the changes they made to the rules from pen to computer are printed on a single page in the manual.

Absolutely true. Sadly, I didn’t discover ToEE until much later, but talk about a game in need of some modern sequels!

At an investor event at the New York Toy Fair, Hasbro unveiled their digital plans for D&D for the next five years, which included the tidbit that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be coming to early access later this year.

And while there was no mention of the newly opened Archetype Entertainment, the WotC owned game studio working on its own sci-fi project, it was revealed that Baldur’s Gate 3 is scheduled for Early Access later this year, so players will be stepping into the world of mind flayers and Minsc a lot sooner than you might have thought.

Early Access is such a crazy thought for me. I have so many games, why would I want to play a game I anticipate as much as this when it’s in a partially built state with all the potential bugs and changes that may invalidate saves, etc? Definitely not for everyone, but I admire the ability for people to still enjoy a game after having a less than 100% experience in their first go.

It seems like a good idea in this case. It’s been many years since BG2 and D&D has been through many iterations since. So early access seems like a good way to get a lot of feedback on a new system.

I agree. EA is for multiplayer games, where getting in early might convey some kind of advantage. For a game like BG3, I want to play it at its best. I don’t want to beta-test a story-based game.

Same, I won’t play early access. But Larian had a lot of success with their public beta testing of the Divinity games via EA so it’s probably a good thing.

The main reason would be to effect change. It’s not for everyone, it’s not even for most folks, but we should all be grateful for the passionate fans that will play this in early access and report bugs, make suggestions, and the like so when the 1.0 version hits, we have just that much more polished a product to enjoy at launch!

All I really want to know is if the game will be turn based like the last two Divinity games (which I am hoping will be the case).

I think that’s what everyone wants to know.


I hope there’s a turn based option at least.

For sure, beta testing on that scope can be a big plus when done well, and I’m pleased that so many people will make the game better for me. But yipes, there never is another ‘first time’ and chancing that impacting your experience takes a special someone (or, at least, someone who doesn’t feel the downside so much).

Speaking of turn-based, I hope that, if it’s included, it’s an option as opposed to the standard method of play. I enjoy TB fine, but does it ever make a game artificially lengthy, especially if combat is secondary to the story, characters, exploration, and setting.

Guys, remember that BG3 is a Stadia game, which means that it is almost assuredly being developed primarily to be played with a game controller. I hope you’re all prepared for what the game really is.

Divinity played great on Xbox. I’m not worried at all.