Baldurs Gate 3?

No, you’re probably right. I just think the whole githyanki vs githzerai thing was made much more interesting in intergalactic sci-fi setting.

First person dialog options are weird.

It’s been done before, I think in Divinity, where it’s got the feel of “my character is responding this way” like from a player sitting around a table. I think it’s clever, but I would have been fine with more traditional narrative dialog, too.

Is that a githyanki party member? Have the dreams made by my 12-year-old, Fiend Folio reading self finally come true?

I won’t be satisfied unless we get to sail the Astral Plane.

I won’t truly have lived until my Dwarf Spelljammer Chief Engineer screams, “ACH, CAP’N, SHE’S TAKIN’ ON TOO MUCH PHLOGISTON!” at me.

Looking through those screens, I will say two things about the cinematic view we see in those shots. The first is I think the models look fantastic, which is great if they are going to be zooming in on them during dialog. The second is I wish they wouldn’t zoom in like that during dialog (assuming that’s what is happening) - I would prefer things stay in the isometric view at all times. I guess we’ll find out for sure here in a few hours.

EDIT: I just noticed the buttons in the lower left, I wonder if the one toggles the camera view? That would be cool, if you could have the option. Or maybe it points the camera over back your PC so you can look at him or her? That would be neat, though less useful. Also what looks like an option menu button, and on the lower right… a plus button? Wild.

Mutant Year Zero was designed primarily for game controller and I could not really get into it. Which is a shame because I like the setting.

MYZ’s issues had nothing to do with its control scheme.

Did too.

They call themselves illithids, but ordinary (non-illithid) folk call 'em mind flayers. It’s two names for the same thing, like “Dutch” and “Netherlander.”

They’re listed in the Monster Manual under “Mind Flayer.”

I nearly replied with the same thing, but I think he’s asking if characters in-game (not players) call them Mind Flayers. I honestly have no idea, though if I had to guess I would have thought the phrase Mind Flayer, even in-universe/in-character, to be a more common word than “Illithid” unless you grew up in the Underdark?

I think most characters I’ve ever run in a D&D setting would call 'em “yknow them like uh brain sucky guys with the noodle mouths n stuff”

I don’t run a lot of high-Int characters. . .

I would guess “mind flayer” would be more common in ordinary D&D settings (e.g. the surface in the Forgotten Realms) and “illithid” would be more common in places where they’re out in the open and a more significant part of politics and culture (e.g. the Underdark, Sigil, Spelljammer.)

No comments on this?


This suggests there’s something other than turn-based available… Which is really surprising.

I think it could also mean you can toggle turn-based mode if you are, like in this case from the screenshot, in a room full of traps (non-combat), and combat (“in combat”, as seen in the other screen at the same UI element) is just always turn-based.

I assumed they were contrasting it with “real time with pause.”

Didn’t movement in D:OS have a real-time and a turn-based mode, but then combat was always turn-based? Or am I remembering that wrong?

Movement was real-time until enemies were encountered, then it switched to turn-based. I have a feeling this game will allow you to toggle turn-based mode on even when no enemies are around, is what I think that indicator might mean.

What on earth would be the point of that? I can’t imagine anyone who would want to be in, say, a city moving their party around thirty feet at a time.