Baldurs Gate 3?

BG3 was never Stadia exclusive. If that’s what they thought, that speaks just even more poorly of their research.

Impressive that there are millions of gameplay hours so far and this…

Man, I just read the “correct way” to get the Blood and I have to say it’s bonkers. I didn’t notice any of the crap involved. I just took the damn thing and blew up the traps.

Nope. They updated.

"Neil’s comments were from a signing he did closer to the launch of the game, and he was being secretive in order to avoid spoilers. Players have since found the quest and the lines of dialogue he was talking about.

But I read it on the internet! Ah well, thanks for the correction. MS was just stupid then.

Magic Mirror is being added to camp next patch so you can change your characters appearance if you accidentally made a nightmare horror show wrestle mania clown freak.

You won’t be able to change race or body type, or origin characters at all.

Can someone tell me in a non-spoilery way if not using any of the tadpole items leads to something unique in a playthrough or has any benefit? The game seems to keep encouraging me to use them, I initially thought that it would be a story choice and my character would refuse any cultivation of the tadpole. But now im just wondering if im ignoring a whole mechanic every player is supposed to utilise.

The answer is no, you won’t see anything unexpected. You get the abilities, the visuals, and some of your companions and a couple of plot-relevant NPCs will remark on it.

From what I read, there is zero downsize to using them, and not using them simply makes your characters “weaker.” But there are plot/character reasons for why the game pushes you to use them, or why to not use them.

My character isn’t using them for character/RP reasons of course. Hell, I avoid even use the Illithiad option in dialog. This isn’t a problem at all though. The game is easy enough already and totally viable without using any of those powers.

There is one place where you can make a decision if you haven’t used a tadpole yet, but if you have, you have to make a saving throw to avoid choosing one option.

Patch 3 is out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 reminded me of something. I loath cutscenes that trigger during gameplay. But it’s probably more accurate to say I loath a MASSIVE abundance of cutscenes. I’m getting Max Payne 3 flashbacks. That was a game utterly ruined by cutscene triggers during gameplay. I can tolerate it way more in BG3, but it still isn’t the way.

I’m with you. I really can’t stand cutscenes and often find them jarring and disruptive. It’s not too bad for me in BG3 but in general it’s something that I’m desperately trying to skip past so I can get back to playing the game.

I’m clearly a minority, but damn. When I want to watch a movie or a TV show that’s what I do. When I’m playing a game it’s because I want to be playing a game, not watching a movie inside my game.

Nothing like Metal Gear Solid 4 for those cutscenes. I mean, that was absolutely like watching a movie. After that, I think I became far less affected by them.

I feel that BG3 might get a pass from many people because of how the cinematic dialogue builds an experience where the player becomes used to interruptions in their gameplay. The definition of cutscenes may vary, though. I put them into the category of something that is outside the normal rhythm of gameplay, often times CGI, not even using the game engine. I love it when devs keep the scenes grounded in the same engine that drives the regular play of the game, as the transition feels less jarring.

Then again, Diablo 4 cutscenes were some top-notch cinematics, even if outside the game engine, and well worth watching. But they aren’t frequent, even if they are long.

But yeah, grabbing control away from me at crucial moments in order to enact a particular scene is a bit annoying and my annoyance level is in tune with how much I’ve enjoyed the game at that point (less I enjoy the game, the more my annoyance level is up).

[Edit] And those patch notes are a monster. To do that much work in the time they’ve had is insane. Provided they didn’t introduce any new issues, that is some serious polish.

Fear not! sometimes a major cutscene will be hiding in a conversation Gale or whoever got caught in while you are rummaging around after a battle!

The voice actors of the party members (all 6) play themselves in a D&D session (definitely has some game spoilers):

Finally the game is out of early access*! If anyone has any tips on making the camera + movement less awkward on a MacBook using the touch pad, please let me know, it’s a bit off-putting as it is. (Tried the game briefly on a Steam Deck, and moving with console-like controls felt great.)

One annoying issue, before I rebound the default keys - holding down Command to highlight some of the nearby items, whilst also using Q and E to rotate the camera - Command-Q will shut down your game without saving! (Found out the hard way)

* for Mac

Also, any idea if cloud saves sync?

Cloud saves sync across all devices if you turn it on. I think it’s on by default but if not turn it on through the options.

I tested this with my Steam Deck then promptly deleted it because BG3 deserves to be on a TV or monitor*.

*an ultrawide one!

Yes, no problem at all afaik - just tried it, and loading a cloud save from the Steam Deck onto my Mac worked fine.