Baldurs Gate 3?

tried it, still no go. So weird though it goes back to the play icon almost immediately.

Maybe check the Event Viewer in Windows? It might provide a clue.

I’m in the same boat, and actually started a second playthrough recently. However second playthrough is so far less satisfying. Knowing where the encounters are what kind of enemies one will face and what magic items one can expect to find in each act really makes the game much easier. I wouldn’t recommend a re-play without turning the combat difficulty up one notch.

Why did they make it so when you dismiss a companion they give you all their trash bags?

I essentially have now shitcanned all of their bags so it doesn’t happen anymore. Only the PC is allowed to have bags now…

I’d quess it’s because those bags are filled with stuff you might need to use and cannot get access to when they are out of the party. Which kind of makes sense, to me. I’m just glad they don’t drop their entire inventory in my PC’s lap, leaving her encumbered. But yeah: bags on PC only seems to be best.

I’m in my second playthrough now, first playthrough ended halfway act 2 because I just had to try out a different build, as usual in games like this. Found a bard sitting above the druid alcove that I missed the first time, and I can’t help but be very impressed with the time and effort Larian put in that scene, that serves no other purpose (as far as I know). It is a long song (and a lovely one at that, IMO), fully animated, just to create an atmosphere. Absolutely amazing! (spoiler: right behind here is a nice item for a starting bard, in a chest).

This is pretty fun:

I was already managing that myself for two Acts and part of Act 3. This is a patched-in unwanted baby-safe feature built on the assumption of a what-if scenario that never actually existed in my playthrough. Now I had to deal with it because it’s forced. I didn’t have a choice.

Well, in your case it may feel that way, fair enough. Others, who swapped or dismissed characters in the first or second act, may have benefited from it.

Simply adding a cancel button to the modal to prevent it would have avoided the issue. Forced to being treated with kid gloves by the developers is asinine.

I guess when I start a new game the first thing to do when a new companion joins is to drop all their bags simply to prevent this from ever happening.

So you don’t kick someone out of the party with key items that you then can’t recover? It only happened a few times in my last playthrough and it’s a reasonable feature. Only takes a moment to check if the bags are empty of useful stuff and then drop the bags.

Do you centralize all inventory on one character and never have any other character ever pick anything up at all? That seems like a bizarre way to play.

I have my strongest character (not my main) in charge of looting bodies because armor and weapons get heavy. Party rogue gets all the stuff from chests because I’m not going to switch characters after disarming/lockpicking. Main character gets all the stuff on the ground we find while walking around. All of it gets transferred to highest CHA character when selling it. All the alchemy/food stuff gets routinely centralized and stored in camp.

I guess my point is that everyone in my party uses their bags.

No I don’t.

Now having companions that want to use bags gets fucked.

I don’t want the game to give my PC their bags automatically unless they left the party permanently or for some story reason outside of my control. Do not want.

Allow global inventory access to all characters in camp…not like this. Not like this.

If I have to enter the inventory screen for any more reasons, I’m gonna murder everyone in camp except the three companions I’m using, Withers and that cat that refuses to die.

Ran into one of Larian’s stupid puzzles that ended progress, so I ended the game.

Puzzles in RPGs are like jump scares in horror movies. Always hate to see it.

Which one? There are some annoying puzzles in the game for sure, I used various online walkthroughs whenever I got stuck on one.

I just wish characters wouldn’t act like I’m serving them with divorce papers when I ask them to hang out at camp for a bit.

“Borderline unplayable” might be a bit much - but now I have an answer to why Astarion keeps taking off his boots.

Subtle hint that he wants to shag?

Yeah, I always do this too but just got annoyed and quit out.

There’s an early puzzle in Act 1 that you can bypass by just lockpicking the doors lock. Whoever designed this must have been laid off for going rogue against Larian’s design directive, and I thank them for that!

Because in later Acts the door the puzzle unlocks is always flagged as Lockpick Impossible. Fuck!

Don’t give up! Reading about you hate-playing through BG3 is an honest pleasure to me.