Baldurs Gate 3?

Okay, and when people define a multiclass build, does that imply an order for leveling or does it not matter? I’m at warlock 2 right now. Should I start cranking fighter levels?

I’ve been playing 5e since it came out and somehow didn’t know this. So is there any reason to go beyond two levels in Warlock? The rest of the Invocations seem pretty bland.

Wait until the end for Fighter, now choose another class as your primary that uses Cha, or if you are going to go martial, go up to Warlock 5, then start picking up your Martial.

I don’t know what going martial means, but I don’t understand why I wouldn’t want 2 levels of fighter for action surge immediately. Seems useful.

IIRC, the main thing about ordering in 5E is the armor proficiencies and how fast you get to extra attack (5 levels in a melee class). If you plan on being a fighter or paladin as part of a build, maybe take that first to get heavy armor because otherwise you’re stuck with medium or light when you multi-class into one of them. Eldritch blast will keep scaling regardless of how many levels you put wherever or whenever. Edit - not sure if they actually do the save proficiencies the same way as TT

Okay I found a video, and it says to take 2 levels of fighter at 3 and 4. Seems reasonable. There is more theorycrafting in the comments to suggest starting with fighter. I can mess with that later using Withers.

Just a heads up, Warlock build videos probably mention a great robe that you won’t get if you choose the Dark Urge origin (unless you go out of your way to do something incredibly cheesy)

Well Warlock 5 gets you spells and the extra attack that you would need to put 5 levels in another class to get. Also early game doesn’t really have many good heavy armor so it doesn’t hurt to wait. The difference between say 5 warlock vs 2 Warlock/3 fighter is that you get action surge every battle but you miss out on an extra attack and every round and use your Cha to attack. If you are going ranged fighter doesn’t bring much to the table vs getting close to critical level 3 spells

Understood. It seems like I can just play the game normally, then respec to a munchkin build later when I’m more prepared for it.

Yeah, it’s so easy to respec you don’t need to sweat anything early on. I got to the point where I’d find a piece of equipment and do respecs just to dump a stat I don’t need anymore.

Respecing only costs 100 gold which is cheap pretty early in the game, but your first level should be in fighter so you get the full proficiencies. Otherwise you wont get heavy armor. Why? I dont know, but its true.

That Sorc/Warlock/Fighter build isn’t as good as a Rogue/Warlock/Fighter build, especially on your main character, for two reasons:

There is an item called Risky Ring, it gives you advantage on all attacks. This makes sneak attack beyond S tier. This item can be acquired at the very beginning of act 2, I think you can get to it with 2 or 3 fights. This is the most OP item in the entire game, and it’s blue.

You can gain a status called Awakened near the end of act 1 that lets you use a bunch of powers as a bonus action instead of a full action, the 2nd bonus action from 3 levels of rogue on your main character is by far the best use of those levels.

Because Hex requires a bonus action Warlocks benefit massively from those 3 levels of Rogue. It also makes your character vastly more maneuverable because you can dash as a bonus action, which you now have 2 of. Also in a game where you can resolve virtually every combat in one round, your sorcerer warlock is going to have a hell of a time ever finding a bonus action to use quicken spell with since it’s that or hex or psionic overload and you just need the rogue levels too much.

As others have pointed out you absolutely don’t need to munchkin like this unless that’s just kind of your thing. But if you’re gonna munchkin you ought to do it right.

I knew if I posted that, someone would reply with the true munchkin build!

I don’t know if I’ll make it that far though. I’m pretty bored so far on my second playthrough redoing all the same content. Can I speed run the first zone on tactician and still be okay?

My suggestion is to play it with a bunch of mods on your second playthrough, I was feeling the same until I added like 20 mods.

Some of the stuff like inventory stacking, auto-looting and auto-selling vendor trash are just such big quality of life increases that cut out a lot of the stuff that feels pretty bad the first run through the game and dreadful the 2nd time.

No point in needlessly suffering :)

Respecing a wizard into the same wizard could net you access to more spells. You retain all spells from scrolls and only lose spells you chose during level up.

I respeced Gale and was able to learn a bunch of spells from the horde of scrolls I was hoarding which I had previously chosen during level up, freeing those level up choices to select the remaining spells I lacked.

This includes cantrip spells I had scrolls for.

Now I think I am only missing at most a handful of spells, all low level.

Eh, it’s only once per rest, it’s not all that to blow 2 levels of something on, especially losing a feat to do it.

The real magic in a warlock dip, is because once you can use your charisma for melee attacks, you can min/max your character out of STR and have a fairly insane character with high dex, con, and cha. My pali/loc is pretty much god mode.

As a caster, it’s worth going 5 in warlock for the attack/pact etc. Sorc/Loc is a really fantastic combo for a blaster character, because you get so much utility out of the sorc levels, same for bard. 2 loc 10 sorc or bard is nothing to sneeze at, can do some pretty great things.

I’ve got a male drow named Ahriman who’s going full caster, probably 5 warlock (ancient one) and 7 sorcerer (dragon-bronze). Right now I’m alternating between him, my dual hand-xbow rogue/bard, my dark urge fisty monk, and my dwarf tempest cleric.

I suppose because I consider a Sorcerer mandatory the combination with warlock is less appealing to me because all the guy is going to be doing is twinspell hasting and casting aoes, no time for the blasting from your dedicated sorcerer. And since he can’t concentrate on Hex and Haste his single target dps potential isn’t as good.

For a sorcerer I think 8 sorc/4 wizard or 8 sorc/2 wizard/2 fighter. This gets you access to a few things like Longstrider and that spell from the Stratagem of War book, and your evocations wont hurt your allies but still leaves you enough to twinspell haste when you want it. The two fighter levels will cost you a feat and a 6th level spell slot in exchange for the ability to twinspell haste your main DPS and the sorcerer himself, and still action surge into two ice storms or whatever. And if you want to blow all your spell slots and sorcery points you can quicken another one whenever its a boss fight you know you’ll long rest after.

Twinspell haste is basically the strongest single action a character can take in the game in most situations so yea you gotta bring a sorcerer. A true munchkin party might bring 2.

So, I finally pick up Cyberpunk 2077, play through the intro pieces of the three starting characters and … come back to my third playthough of BG3. Something is wrong with me…

Something is right with you. Most definitely right.

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Really Warlock is a class without much reason to take it past 4.
2 for Agonizing/Repelling
3/4 if you want Blade/ASI

Anything else is probably better in another class. Pure Warlock isn’t bad, it’s just that Warlock 2/Sorc 10 is almost always better.