Baldurs Gate 3?

BG2 for me is still the greatest PC RPG of all time. There was just something magical about that one. It just feels like a true epic with a ton of story/quests, unique characters, long, engaging battles. It’s a very long game without feeling padded. I still like the first game, but it was practice for BG2.

It’s a shame Bioware/Black Isle didn’t make a 3rd game, but I have my hopes up high for this one. Would have been great if Obsidian had a crack at it, but Larian has a good track record thus far.

That being said, I bought the Throne of Bhaal expansion a million years ago and never played it. Have the new EE versions so will get to it eventually.

Yes, and it was in the original. It secretly rolled your max exceptional strength (where applicable as well), and if you wanted to move strength beyond 18 each “tier” of exceptional strength cost one entire ability point. So a given set of rolls for Ted the Fighter might have a max exceptional strength of 18/37 or something and if it rolled a 16 naturally it would take 5 ability points from elsewhere (hypothetical number) to hit that.

Look at this guy, not sacrificing divinity to live out the rest of their days with Aerie and their child.

You monster.

Jaheira fo’ life, yo.

Yeah, Jaheira is bae, but Aerie has the added gravitas of carrying around your child in her inventory for most of the game.

Canonically, Edwin lives out his life as bitter waitress Edwina, after being dumb enough to challenge Elminster.

Which is a joke that won’t fly today.

You should probably get around to Throne of Bhaal. I mean, it’s Baldur’s Gate 3 in all but name.

Any chance this will still come out in 2019?

It’s also just incredibly lazy. Arch-lich Edwin who still has an inferiority complex about Elminster would be way funnier.

In this room we have two lich skulls. The cages they are in have them powerless, but they can still talk. To the left is Edwin. To the right Elminster. Pardon their language, they have been arguing like that for almost 100 years, non-stop.

Oh, you know Elminster is still alive, well, and still has all his internal organs - which is exactly what will be driving Edwin nuts.

You all played the game incorrectly if you didn’t romance Viconia and turn her alignment to true neutral. Drow waifu = best waifu

Why would you do a silly thing like that? Neutral Evil 4 Life.

Pulled from the official Baldur’s Gate Twitter, I couldn’t find it on YouTube so I uploaded it myself. Very interesting though. I am assuming some sort of big reveal stream to show off the game and maybe even announce a release window.

If Larian takes their action point based system and strips out the crazy environmental damage aspects, I think I’d be pretty happy with this.

I’m still hoping for a fairly accurate rendition of D&D rules, which was a big part of the original title’s appeal to me.

I’d be good with that too. I just hope for something turn based instead of RTwP. If it supports both by making RTwP feel turn based that is fine.

I can’t imagine it won’t be turned based - I’m not a big fan of RTwP either. D&D is really built as a turn based system, there’s room for a better implementation (in practice, anyway) than in 1 & 2 here.

We’ll see, obviously. I’m a bit of a Larian skeptic, but I’ve really got my fingers crossed for this one.

Is anyone still doing real time with pause? I thought the pendulum had swung back to turn based some time ago.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker and the Pillars of Eternity games come to mind, along with Torment: Tides of Numenera. All a couple of years old admittedly, and PoE did patch in a TB mode eventually, but tbh, rtwp seems the go-to for D&D-alikes even today.

Basically everyone?

And Tyranny. All the people copying the Baldur’s Gate-style RPGs are RTwP.