Baldurs Gate 3?

You can just go Warlock 3 and then whatever if you want to go melee, this will let you use Pact of the Blade. For minmaxing you coulud go 5 Warlock/whatever, this would ensure you weapon got 2 attacks, you have some spells and then whatever your other class brings to the table but you mostly just need it for it’s martial weapon/shield prof depending on what weapon you wanna use.

My PC is Bard 6/Warlock 4, and Hex + Eldritch Blast is a really powerful combination.

Warlock seems neat but maybe a bit simplistic. But I’m also playing Jagged Alliance 3, so do I really need my tactical combat to be complicated for a second run of BG3?

I do love Force Push mechanics, and I’m the type of person that will enjoy tens of hours of gameplay with one great feature.

As much as I like BG3 and I do enjoy the combat, JA3 is pure turn based tactics candy.

Warlocks are a bit of a one-trick pony. The trick though is pretty strong.

I would also consider raising the difficulty to tactician on a second playthrough as standard is bit on the easy side. At least after the early game. Nothing has really been a challenge. It seems like they went with numbers to get you, having only a party of 4, but even then my paladin can tick off three dudes, sometimes four, in a single round. Or single round kill the grand foozle.

Warlocks are pretty mid if you just go full warlock levels, I’d place them maybe low B tier in BG3 on a list of full-level (no multiclassing) classes.

But definitely S tier as a multiclass. You can make a beater of a melee character as something like a warlock 5/paladin 5/fighter 2. Or a crazy Eldritch Blast build with something like warlock 2/fighter 6/rogue 4 maybe. Or maybe Rogue 6/fighter 4 but you lose a feat to pick up some better defense stuff and another sneak dice. I could be convinced either way.

In fact I think multiclassing is probably a bit too OP in this game, you’d have an extremely difficult time convincing me that it isn’t mechanically best to take at least 2 levels of fighter on every character in the context of trivializing the gameplay. The alpha strike is just incredibly powerful in this game because you can short rest between literally every battle of any significance.

This is a subtle but effective critique of violent self-righteous heroic fantasies. Asking to remove it is akin to asking for a good ending for Taxi Driver, my dear sir.

I do agree that for me it felt like a death of a thousand cuts. The bugs aren’t as ubiquitous as in CP2077, but there the QA managed to catch all the important bugs and while the game was a disgrace most bugs were about clipping, animation failures, stuck sound etc. BG3 gave me so many bugs connected to scripting and the story that I don’t feel I ever need to replay the game, cause I saw so many reactions to decisions I didn’t make, and wrong cutscenes playing - I might not see a lot new stuff in a second playthrough!

Unless I missed something, the only sequence break I’ve had (Act 3 spoiler side quest/companion)

My character somehow already knew about the Zhent betrayal / attack on The Guild even though I never actually discovered this information… All I did was rescue Minsc which I guess is the trigger for this sequence no matter what.

The thing that defines a Warlock is his Eldritch blast. Multiclassing with a melee class seems okay but at the same time, I’d probably end up opting always to melee attacks whenever possible, so the Warlock levels feel a bit wasted outside of being out of range to melee.

It’s sort of like with Paladin. He is loaded with spells I barely actually use, because I use all his spell slots for melee smites. And this also expands to using consumables or arrows or whatever. Smites are always the best option.

The only compelling reason for the 5 warlock levels is that the deepened blade pact stacks with extra attack making it the only way to get 3 attacks per action without going full fighter.

I don’t know how the interaction works in TT, but in BG3 the extra attack feat doesn’t stack with itself or didn’t last time I checked. A paladin 5/fighter 5 only has 2 attacks per action. Getting a third attack per action is pretty powerful when you can get hasted and have action surge, 9 swings with a 2 hander is pretty solid against a hex’d enemy.

I don’t think it’s better than the blaster build but it’s a solid character if you want a front-liner or a gish for RP reasons and don’t want to compromise too much on power level.

Ahh I see what you mean.

2 Attacks at level 5. The extra attack from pact weapon, action surge, haste, then throw in great weapon mastery for an attack as bonus action if you dealt a crit or killed an enemy that turn…which is super easy with all those attacks…

Right and you’ve got the hex dealing 1d6 per hit, get an elemental damage on your weapon and one on your gloves for another 2d6 per hit and you can blow all your smites in one round to lay down some truly ungodly beatdown. With just a couple crits you can be well over 300 dmg in a round.

Half the skills/perks/upgrades/whatever they were called didn’t even work!

Oh, right. Well that was compensated by the fact that stats affected nothing at all even when they worked and until 2.0 you could play that game like a looter shooter.

Of course CP2077 was in much worse state, it’s just BG3 got exactly the kind of bugs that hurt my experience the most without stopping my progress.

Sorcerer/warlock is good if you hate camping all the time because a routine attack will be eldritch blast but you can use the odd fireball, lightning bolt, or ice storm for AOE and also get various utility spells while not having to deal with a low stat for one class or the other.

Warlock/melee seems odd offhand, with eldritch blast only used when not in melee range, and either weak melee stat or weak charisma. I mean the action surge thing is fine so maybe a couple of fighter levels if you are really focusing on warlock, but not mostly melee, anyway.

Pact of Blade lets you use CHA for your melee IIRC.


I gave Pact of the Blade a shot because it seemed really appropriate for Wyll, but even with the CHA bonus it felt really weak. I read online it’s okay if the warlock takes the ability to see in darkness and then fights in magical darkness, which gives the warlock advantage to every swing.

But it was an annoying way to play, and didn’t fit well with my Shadowheart, whose strategy was “make the entire battlefield shine brighter than the sun”

That’s kind of amusing you forced that strategy on a worshipper of Shar. :)

The game gives you several items that are great for a Cleric of Light, it’s really fun to respec Shadowheart into that domain. And Act 2/3 spoilers: there’s a point in her quest where this respec is story appropriate, and it makes her a comically overpowered juggernaut in her quest’s climactic battle. Really satisfying.