Baldurs Gate 3?

I suppose because I consider a Sorcerer mandatory the combination with warlock is less appealing to me because all the guy is going to be doing is twinspell hasting and casting aoes, no time for the blasting from your dedicated sorcerer. And since he can’t concentrate on Hex and Haste his single target dps potential isn’t as good.

For a sorcerer I think 8 sorc/4 wizard or 8 sorc/2 wizard/2 fighter. This gets you access to a few things like Longstrider and that spell from the Stratagem of War book, and your evocations wont hurt your allies but still leaves you enough to twinspell haste when you want it. The two fighter levels will cost you a feat and a 6th level spell slot in exchange for the ability to twinspell haste your main DPS and the sorcerer himself, and still action surge into two ice storms or whatever. And if you want to blow all your spell slots and sorcery points you can quicken another one whenever its a boss fight you know you’ll long rest after.

Twinspell haste is basically the strongest single action a character can take in the game in most situations so yea you gotta bring a sorcerer. A true munchkin party might bring 2.

So, I finally pick up Cyberpunk 2077, play through the intro pieces of the three starting characters and … come back to my third playthough of BG3. Something is wrong with me…

Something is right with you. Most definitely right.

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Really Warlock is a class without much reason to take it past 4.
2 for Agonizing/Repelling
3/4 if you want Blade/ASI

Anything else is probably better in another class. Pure Warlock isn’t bad, it’s just that Warlock 2/Sorc 10 is almost always better.

Warlock 5 Pact of Blade + Fighter/Barbarian/Paladin/Ranger 5 gives you 3 standard attacks without any buffs like haste or feats like great weapon mastery.

KARLACH: [Crying at the end of her most emotionally charged scene] …I’ll see you back at camp.

KARLACH: I love you.

GAME (PATCH #3): You have taken Clown’s Severed Torso from Karlach, Clown’s Severed Arm from Karlach, Clown’s Severed Leg from Karlach, Clown’s Severed Hand from Karlach

Hey, don’t kink-shame her! LOL

That’s true, the Extra Attack from Warlock 5 stacks with other Extra Attacks even though it shouldn’t, which makes it a viable option.

Bard Blade 6*

I suppose I need to respec my character and all the companions because I’ve just been blissfully leveling them up without multiclassing. I’ve no idea how to go about optimizing characters. What would be cool was if the game actually prompted you with suggestions when leveling up. Hey, you might consider X or Y if you want to do Z.

So far they seem to handle the fights fine. But just finishing up act 1 at level 5.

Thank you all for the build advice. Unfortunately I can’t get motivated to play further on my second playthrough. I’m having too much fun with Cyberpunk and I’d like to play Jagged Alliance 3.

I’ll bookmark the discussion for when the mood strikes again.

Nothing at all wrong with single classes in this game, most of them are really great.

You are fine that way for the whole game on Standard difficulty. All of the talk about optimized builds is for people who want to play on the hardest difficulties and need overpowered characters to make it through.

Using optimized builds you find on the web is basically the same as turning the difficulty down one notch, as it will make most fights laughably easy and very very fast.

Anyone happy with the difficulty they are on doesn’t need to play around with bending the D&D rules and taking advantage of unanticipated/unintended interactions between different class mechanics.

Ah cool. Thank you. I much prefer not having to think too hard about this stuff. The difficulty on standard feels about right to me.

The difficulty on standard is pretty easy actually so I wouldn’t worry about it. This is especially noticable in Act 3 where they like to throw a ton of “epic” boss fights at you. Grand foozle usually dies in like 2 rounds only ever getting one attack off…Maybe 3 rounds if they have a large enough health pool.

Today I was picking a lock and rolled 14 five times in a row. The lock was DC15. This seemed bugged so I exited the interface and re-entered. First roll was a Critical failure. Then I got it. My rolls in general have been crap during that last play session. Burned through all my inspiration rather quickly.

I found these gloves on a vendor that give you an extra action when you land a killing blow. There’s also a ring that increases movement speed, and a helmet that gives you “momentum” to start a combat which I think is an initiative and movement boost. I gave them all to Karlach. Karlach can now clear entire encounters in 1 round. It’s insane.

I just did the fight in the inn where they try to kidnap the priestess. Which literally caught me by surprise, I was just chatting up the NPCs and hadn’t even rested. On Karlach’s turn she killed every single bat creature enemy in the entire zone, with the boosted movement and her insane Jump range. Once she closes to melee she gets 2 attacks while enraged, using reckless attack which gives her advantage on all her rolls. She can’t miss. Like 1 in 400 chance of rolling double 1s.

That left my MC (rogue dual weilding short swords) and La’zel (adamantine longsword) to deal with the miniboss. They cleaned him up in 2 rounds. Shadowheart cast Sacred Flame and missed.

That fight was incredibly satisfying and makes me feel like I found another broken build.

I came up with a build in DoS2 with Sebille that involved stacking action points using polymorph, and then using sneak attacks to do tremendous burst damage. Then she’d be out of commission for like 2 turns. I used this strat to 1-shot the final boss (the first phase anyway). That felt really good, considering I figured it out organically without net builds.

Sacred Flame is trash, you’re better off doing almost anything else, even just physically attacking.

It’s better than passing your turn which is all I could do with her that round! It had a higher % to hit than firing her crossbow.

But yes it sucks. Even in tabletop D&D.

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