Baldurs Gate 3?

Yup, it’s Act 2 with all that rot where I ran into trouble.

Had to jump back into Act 1 and retroactively scour boxes. Was annoying as fuck because I was having so much fun in 2.

Ah, gotcha.

I’m not CRAZY about Act 2, on my second playthrough at least. Although I missed stuff on my first run that I’m trying to get now.

Act 2 is my favorite Act. The best Act in the game.

I enjoyed it a lot the first time. It doesn’t seem to play as differently the first time as Act 1. Possible some of that is a me problem, but there don’t seem to be as many different ways to get where you’re going. There is a lot of stuff I do like, though.

Yeah if the game had ended there I would have been satisfied. Act 3 was great but it could have used more polish. Hell it could have been turned into an entire game on its own.

Huh, I was constantly on 999, but I’m playing on Balanced, maybe that’s why. I actually find myself not resting enough and had to force long rests (5 in a row at some point!) to progress some story events. And that’s without actually running out of spells.

Maybe I’ll bump it up to Tactician or even Honour for next playthrough. Strongly leaning towards the latter because I think it would force more RP and roll with the punches and the cards you are dealt.

If and only if you’re looking for a challenge, I’ll recommend playing on tactical with a mod that adds the legendary actions for boss fights without locking you to a single save. Those battles can get FIERCE.

(note: this mod also turns off some of the damage rider shenanigans)

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I think Honour mode is even possible. (I’m sure it’s actually possible and that some nutters have completed it.) But there are some (boss) fights where I just can’t imagine getting it the first time. I know that part of the deal with Honour mode is that you’ve already played (and presumably mastered) the game so you know what all the fights are and how to handle them, but still. A couple specifics:

Close to the end of Act 1 (in the Underdark): Grym the Adamantine Golem was nearly impossible for me. I probably reloaded 15 times, and in the end I only got it because there was a weird glitch where I smashed him with the forge press thingy and he got knocked down, then he spent his next turn standing up, then I smashed him again (and ran the lava again), and repeated once or twice more until he ran out of hit points. Any time he’d actually get a chance to attack, he’d either one-shot someone or knock people down and they’d spend their time in some form of stun/prone-locked unto death. Without the glitch I don’t know how I’d have done it.

End of Act 2: The avatar of Myrkul was similarly impossible for me to get a favorable ratio of damage dealt to damage received, until I learned (i.e. googled) the One Weird Trick that Death Gods Don’t Want You to Know: they’re blind if you use an arrow of darkness, and when they’re blind they tend to miss with their scythe and can’t use the frightening freeze ray that otherwise always hits. So I guess in that case I could see Honour mode working if you already know the trick. Also, I cheesed an improved invisibility and assassinated the rando mind flayer just hanging out there before even starting the combat.

But more to the point there just seem to be a lot of fights where if you get off on the wrong foot (fail a save on a Hold Person or paralyze) it becomes nearly impossible to turn around, but if instead you land an important spell on round one you can breeze to victory. I guess the point of honour mode is you just pucker up and roll. Or cheese.

Anyway I really enjoyed the end of act two, especially the drama with Shadowheart and Dame Aylin–I actually enjoyed the cutscenes, and I was feeling the music and everything. Minor points off for me in the Mind Flayer Colony because I always find those kind of “the inside of our base / castle / spaceship is biological like the inside of a creature, see!” to be lazy and uninspired, but that’s a me issue. Also the fact that you fight the same bad guy (Ketheric Thorm) twice is lame; “the big bad guy is back again!” is always lame, and multi-stage boss fights are also lame, but again that’s a me thing. Fortunately my bard was (easily) able to talk her way through things so it was actually only one fight against Thorm, and then one against the avatar, which wasn’t so bad.

I also made a huge mistake and took Jaheira into my party for the mind flayer colony. She had no good equipment and I couldn’t go back to camp to get some, and I was a true idiot and tried to dual-class her into a druid/ranger or something dumb. I really want to like Jaheira for old times’ sake, but I just don’t need another druid, and don’t really like druids anyway. I ended up reloading after probably two hours of progress and took Gale instead, which was much better, plot-wise, too. I also didn’t realize what the restoration pod was for, at first, but then, hoo boy, was it fun to have Gale let off a fireball every round with no concern for resting.

Anyways I really liked Act 2, like the history and everything, and how the bosses all had the same last name. We’ll see how act 3 goes!

I also haven’t consumed a single mind flayer tadpole. Just seems wrong, though now with all the plot reveals I’m figuring I might as well have. But at this point, I feel like I have to see out the game without it, out of purity or whatever.

FYI I’m fairly certain that what you describe as a “glitch” is a viable intended strategy from the devs. It’s POSSIBLE to just strategically fight your way through it, but at the level where you land there it’s a very VERY VERY difficult fight. Still requires a bit of finesse to manipulate him into the right place to pull the level while he’s vulnerable at all, but I can’t imagine actually duking it out with him. I suppose theoretically if you all had good ranged capability and manipulated his movement very carefully to keep yourself from taking the melee damage you could probably make it work, but that’s honestly just more work than it needs to be. Using the environment is intended.

The “glitch” was that it trivialized the fight–you could be right, but it felt to me like he should have been able to move before I could hammer again. It went from “nearly impossible but I could maybe see how I could pull it off with careful save-scumming” to “stand here and hit this button three times”.

Oh like he didn’t move at all in between drops? I guess I mis-read. Yeah, alright, that was glitchy. I’ve always had to maneuver him BACK into place for each drop of the hammer.

That’s not a glitch, that’s how you’re supposed to do the fight. You get him hot in the lava first, then lure him to the hammer and smash him with it.

It’s possible to DPS him down, which is how I did it the first time on normal. On Tactician or higher, if you don’t use the hammer, it’s an impossible fight.

Yeah, to be perfectly clear, he never left the hammer zone once I hit him the first time with it. It was a little tricky to get him lined up the first time, but far from impossible with his “chase the last one who hit me” thing.

By the time you’re at the end of Act 2 you have all the tools you need to deal with it. You don’t need to trick or cheese, but you should be optimized on Honor. Anything that is using a CC spell with Concentration you can knock them out of it.

The biggest Honor killer is lava (and holes), watch out for that shit.

That’s the way to do it. Do NOT feel cheap about cheesing when you’re playing at a higher level. They 100% intend for you to use “creative” ways to get past severe challenges.

Yeah, it never made any logical sense to consume them ever. And it’s silly there isn’t a consequence.

In the end it turns out I didn’t need any of those Mindflayer powers, and I am glad I didn’t use them.

Well, there’s one saving through which becomes slightly trickier if you want to avoid going hybrid, but . . . I hear ya. Next to none.

I tried to use the one “if they attack you make it so they don’t attack you again” quasi-charm thing, and I think they saved against it every time. I might have used one or two others, but they never really made a difference.

A bunch of the passives are really powerful. I only gave those power to my main character. Everyone else seemed not excited to have more brain worms so I didn’t force them.

I’m on a “just say no” to worms run. I do wish there was a story payoff, but roleplaying wise I cannot get over putting worms in my PC’s head.