Baldurs Gate 3?

Oh my, yes please. Where do we kickstart this?

Oh hey, it’s some people talking about FFT! People like @morlac and @Scotch_Lufkin should go play Fell Seal, it’s really good!

Also there’s basically no way BG3 is going to be what I want out of a BG3, so I’ma have to pretend it’s called something else. Ah well.

Oh absolutely. It’s obvious they started with DOS2 combat mechanics, changed what they wanted to fit 5e, (some would say badly) and are now iterating on top of that.

I’m just curious to see where it ends up.

I actually have played this - I got it on the Switch - and I freaking loved it. I added it to my list of games to replay now I have an OLED Switch, since it’s been over a year since my first play through (but I have a bunch of other stuff on my gaming plate to get through first, such as Pathfinder and I’m replaying Breath of the Wild).

Did you play it post-DLC? The Missions & Monsters expansion adds a ton of variety to the encounters, it’s so good.

I have Fell Seal on PC and Switch! Its very good. I have FFT on like 5 platforms I think. RPG Tactics games are my Jam.

Call it Baulder’s Sin :)

I did! I came to the game pretty late - honestly everyone kept telling me it was awesome but I let the visuals be a hang-up for me. This ended up being extra dumb on my part, as once I actually started playing the game I realized I really actually liked the way it looked and became a huge fan of the art style. It’s an amazing game, and I also highly recommend it!

It’s so good to be among my people.

Apparently I played this in August of last year, so more recently than I’d thought. I recorded a clip of my favorite character performing a cool “assassination” skill, if anyone that isn’t familiar with Fell Seal wants to see a 15 second bit of action from that game.

Was it the head-cam trailer? That one really turned me off on the game much more than it should have.

LOL no, thankfully I had never heard of such a thing - for me it was just the screenshots on the Steam page. Looked at a glance like a 10 year old made the art assets for the game. Of course, having played it I feel dumb for thinking that - the game is actually very charming looking in motion. One of those games that plays and looks better in person than screenshots can sell.

Laugh out loud. This applies to every single game ever produced.

Xenophobe on the NES is one of my best gaming memories of all time, because I played it with a friend.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to take away from other games - my point was just that DoS2 is specifically not a lot of fun outside of co-op.

Fair enough. And I don’t actually fully agree also (because I played through solo), but I latched on to that with a 2000% power kung-fu grip.