Baldur's Gate mod recommendations

I’m thinking of taking another crack at Baldur’s Gate 1. I’ve never finished it. Actually, I’ve never even made it to the city. Can anyone recommend mods?

I’m aware of EasyTutu, but what about other mods to pile on top of that, or specific options I should use?

Also, what’s a good class to do? I’ll probably take one of the Baldur’s Gate 2 kits, but which one?

There’s a half decent romance mod for BGtutu, and most of the other mods are BGtutu things. There are a few other things, like banter packs I all liked. However I had a difficult time getting back into it.

I believe this thread by Lum should prove very useful:

Yeah, they’re BG2 mods though.

This really depends on what you’re trying to do. Specifically, are you planning to solo or near-solo (with quest NPCs only)? Also, are you planning to take the character through BG2 as well? There are level-cap considerations that will determine whether you might want to dual-class at level 3 or level 7, etc.

I’m personally partial to the missile-missile-missile skald, but that works best in a party-setup. Then there’s the classic solo kensai-mage. Alternately, you could try soloing as a monk, which is probably what I’ll do the next time I run through the trilogy series… uh, when I have an extra 300 hours to kill.

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Thanks for the advice. I’m not THAT interested in things that add content, unless they’re really excellent. I’m looking more for interface improvements, balance tweaks, and things like that.

I will be using a full party, and I’m not really that powergamey. This would be my first time through the game if I make it all the way through, which is fairly likely. The only reason I stopped last time is because I had to reinstall Windows part way through and I couldn’t get the savegames to work afterwards. I probably will continue on through BG2 if I finish BG1.

I should have clarified on the class choice; I’m more looking for cool class-specific quests and dialogs, fun abilities, etc., not so much combat efficiency. Coolest stronghold in BG2, that kind of thing. I’m sure with a full party I can make any class work fine as far as combat goes.

All of the BG1 mods I know of which work with BG1Tutu / EasyTutu can be found at Pocket Plane. Consider the NPC Kit (so you can change their classes), the Banter Pack, and, well, anything listed under “BG1Tutu Enhancements,” really.

Ok, so if I’m not going to use the banter pack or romance pack or add NPCs or whatever, if I just go with straight EasyTutu, am I missing any really great tweaks? I see references to things like Tutufix here. Are any of them worth boterhing with?

Isn’t there an evil mod called Dark Side of the Coast?