Balsa Model Flight Simulator - RC plane sim from Kerbal creator

From Felipe Falanghe’s Floating Origin Studios.

Guns? O_o

What - you didn’t put guns on your balsa models as a kid? Sheesh.

Wonder how this will stack up to Real Flight. That’s been pretty much the name in RC simulators for years, and has a bunch of real life licenses (and comes with a controller that you can plug into your PC, then use on real planes). My wife’s uncle is really into it, and has used it to practice flying sites and planes for years.

Real Flight is $99 and is very niche focused. I don’ think this game is event trying to compete there. This very much looks like it’s building on the Kerbal gameplay of creating stuff, iterating, testing, then doing it all again.

Was wondering when this would get any news. Looking forward to it.

So it’ll be a gateway drug then heh. Could get people interested in the real thing if it’s done well. There’s a lot of fun in flying.

Do firecrackers and other explosive ordinance count?

Ooh. I like the looks of this.

This is now out in EA on Steam.