Ban That Graphic Novel!

Seems these Kentucky library aids decided what books do not belong in their (our) library. The book in question: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV: The Black Dossier.

Choice quotes:

“People prayed over me while I was reading it because I did not want those images in my head,” she says.

She just didn’t want this book in the Graphic Novel section, which is located next to Young Adult Fiction. She didn’t want it adjacent to what she calls “exaggerated comic books,” like the X-Men series, and real comic books, like Spider-Man, which are so enticing to children.

Yeah, like Spiderman is a real comic, while X-Men is an exaggerated one.

kid probably wouldn’t have made it past the first couple of pages anyway

Wow. And since when was that book Volume IV? Volume III isn’t even done.

As someone who is new to graphic novels, is this the point where we storm off to our rooms and secretly read them under our bedsheets?

Only if someone is there to pray over you.

Ironic nickname ftw.

I think I can speak for most of my fellow library professionals nationwide when I say: fuck that bitch, she deserved to be fired.