Banana v. The Hive Mind - Ascension Exhibition

So my wife had this idea and we’re gonna do it:

The players

Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps) - World champion of the entire world


The Hive Mind (Everyone else) - Sinnick, spokesperson


The game

A single game of Ascension for educational purposes, wherein all thoughts are transparently shared and the Hive Mind chooses its move by suggestion, debate, and vote. Anyone at all may chime in and/or vote, no matter what point in the game we’re in.


Sinnick will post screenshots as necessary, and each Hive Mind turn will be preceded by 24 hours or so of debate and voting. Cast your votes in boldface and rather than posting again if you want to change your vote, edit your original vote to unbold it and add a new, bolded vote. (This is to reduce headache for Sinnick.)

Thanks for being the spokesperson, Sinnick!

So what decks should we use? Specifically, we should use a deck or combo that often leads to sweetass, close games. And I don’t think I’m a great judge of that.

All decks including promo cards, or, as I like to call it, Dave’s Nightmare.

Actually, that’s a great idea, because that’s what we used in the tournament, and almost every one of the games I was in was pretty close. Some were amazingly close. I’ll vote for all decks + promos, too!

Yeah, all decks and promos is fine. I’m hoping to see some insight on play when there are mediocre cards in the middle…that is where I stumble.

At what point do you not bother buying a card to prevent opening up something for your opponent?

I’m down with all cards, although I don’t know how to play using all of them at once!

I also had an idea:

Dave Perkins, World Ascension Champion analyzes each game played by rowe33, World Ascension Rookie in the January 2/2 league in great depth, and then tells him where he went horribly wrong.

Yours is nice too though and will probably help us all out a bit more…

You’ll have the Hive Mind to back you up!

And I do plan to admit to some of the secret thoughts I have while playing. Some are old timey and some are quite new.

Sending you a challenge, Sinnick!

These are great questions. I hope we get some chances to talk this over with a concrete example or two.

** original post deleted **

See restart below!

Sinnick, I think you should feel free to suggest a move or two when you post, to get the conversation rolling. Also, let’s post a list of our current cards so that latecomers can hook in right away, without having to review the entire thread.

original post deleted

I removed the false start so as not to confuse folks.

Any chance we can get either clearer screenshots of the card text, or can you type out the text on the available cards? Ascension is something I’m looking forward to checking out when I get an iPhone, so I’m going to be following this thread as someone who doesn’t know anything about it. I’m interested in seeing how a game unfolds, and the thought process behind the decisions.

Um, if we’re going 24 hours between turns, a 7 day game is unlikely to be long enough…

Hmm, that’s a good point. Dave, maybe before we really get going do you want to re-start? Or should we just pick up the pace? We can have 2 voting deadlines per day.

For sure! The only reason I downsized the image was to avoid horizontal scrollbars and big downloads, but I can post a huge one if that’s better.

EDIT: Although, I don’t think the flavour text will ever be big enough to read, if that’s what you were referring to. You might be better off looking through the card gallery in the game, if you want to know what a specific card does.

If this is open to all for input, then yes, Abolisher is obvious first play. Unless any decent 1-3 cost cards are under Abolisher (Synchronizer, Everbloom, Prodigal–which would imply Prodigal + Infantry, etc.), Mystic after that would be best followup.

Yikes! We had better restart with a 28 day timer. My apologies, and thank you, Lantz. Sinnick, I just rechallenged you!

Yes, Cold Blooded, everyone is welcome to chime in! Thanks to you and everyone who has commented so far.

There’s nothing good on the board, so I would just hit “End turn.”

…Wait, are we starting over?

With that start up (even though we are starting over) I would go Abolisher and Mystic. You are going to need to thin the deck and waiting til later just slows your start. As good as the Honey Siren is, I think it is a short term gain that will pay off less than early deck thinning.