Bananas and Nuts 2.0

Or, Shitbirds On Parade!

OK, this is an experiment in consensual self-governance, aka the inmates run the asylum now and even crazy people need a place to blow off steam.

So as all us old-timers know, the old Bananas and Nuts thread, once upon a time, was the only place that bans could be discussed. That thread devolved into mud-slinging of the first order, resulting in general complaints to Tom Chick, erstwhile moderator of this board. So we entered the Phase of Silence, in which all ban discussion had to go straight to Tom.

This appeared to be rather like screwing down the lid of a pressure cooker for certain hotheaded individuals, resulting in the atomic steam explosion of the (current, as I write this) “Avatars?” thread, truly a thread that will live in infamy. As a result of that, Tom evidently decided he was too personally involved, and is taking a break from being the living room moderator.

So now if there’s gonna be any law around here, we’re gonna have to make it ourselves.

One thing I think we damn near all agree on is that there are two topics on any forum: 1) what idiots some other forum members are, and 2) everything else. The old Bananas and Nuts thread, and the new Avatars? thread, are examples of topic #1.

I think we might also be able to mostly agree that topic #1 deserves its own thread, and that when people start bashing each other, they should go get a room – in that thread.

I’m proposing this thread for that exact purpose. In the name of keeping all the interpersonal flaming (not the on-topic flaming but the pure person-to-person flaming), forum drama, ban debates, clique-finger-pointing, and just general shitbirdery in one place, I’m going to suggest a new informal Qt3 policy:

If you are flaming other forum members because of who they are – especially if you are cross-linking between threads, going off topic for the current thread, or talking about who should or shouldn’t be banned – then please move the discussion over here, so whatever thread you were in can stay on topic.

I have no idea whether this will work. Frankly, I doubt it. But I do know it is an experiment worth trying. The “Avatars?” thread gets grandfathered in for this purpose, but I suspect it might outlive its welcome in the Games thread, plus Bananas and Nuts was too good to die forever.

For the record, my main goal here is to un-shit the rest of Quarter to Three by trying to get all the drama in one place. Nature abhors a vacuum, and better for there to be one cauldron of bilious vitriol than for it to be everywhere all over everything.

And to make sure things get off on the right foot, here’s this fine, FINE image from BillD:

(p.s. Yes, it is logical to presume that shitbirds have shit bonerz.)

I am hopeful for great things from this thread. Great things.

Thanks repoman. Good plan.

If nothing else, Brettmcd can use this thread to plot out the ever divergent parabolae of his promises to leave and his failure to do so.

Personally, I’m wondering how “Avatars! Y/N?” will become a qt3 meme…will you ask somebody if they want forum avatars if you think they’re being unreasonable? Will you tell them to turn on avatars as an in-joke? Only time will tell…


PS. Please come back Tom.

PPS. Since I’m only an occasional poster, and even an occasional lurker, does anybody have a list of all the banned people that got resurrected? That would have appeared in B&N 1.0, yes?

If we can put all the forum drama in one thread, I’m all for it. My biggest concern in the short-term is that we’re going to end up having multiple threads about it, as is the case at the moment. If we can get everyone to stop pissing in those other threads and do it here that would be great.

At least the gif crowd is doing their best to bring the “Avatars” thread to screeching halt. ;-)

And this:

Not up to date. Albert… we need you!

I don’t agree completely with the summary in the OP, but I applaud the attempt at keeping it to one thread in the right forum under the proper name.

So awesome.

Pretty amazing how much you can miss even if you check the boards and ignore just one thread…

I miss the Woo charts.

Those charts are the closest thing to a historical record this forum has. I hope Albert makes a new one even if he needs to come up with a sweeping shorthand for the last few months.

Does this past week mean we can use the c-word, now?


Yes that happening will most certainly make this forum a better place.

Can we not use the c-word?

And I love how mine is in Temp Ban. Tom must’ve just forgot to un-temp-ban me :P

I tthink that’s because that chart’s a year old.

G-entit(lit)y Touched? No? I’ll sit down.

I endorse this thread. As for c-bombs, I suppose you could. But I’m not a big fan, generally. It’s a bit uninventively vicious and has an unsavoury whiff of misogyny about it.

We’ve been able to use it for awhile now, actually.

I don’t mind people saying cunt, what is one man’s mysogny is another culture’s friendly greeting.

It’s hardly my favorite world in the world, but my mom used to use it to refer to other drivers on the road when she was mad, so if you use it, I’ll just picture you as a cranky old lady.