Bananas and Nuts

fuck us

That really sucks.

Well I guess he is teaching us a lesson then? :/

Translates with Google as…
Tomas put in a dizzying forum! “Enough,” he thought. “I am also going to grow back the mustache”.

Hey Merritt, why don’t you just do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.

Banned people are also unbanned.

I think that would be unlike Tom, to punish the community as a whole and damage the quality of the forum just because a few guys like silly memes.

On the other hand, if he wanted to wash his hands of the whole bother…

Liberal use of the ignore function will have to replace bannings, I guess.

Liberal use of the never coming back here works, too.


I guess you could say that Tom “Lady” Chick really drank the urine koolaid on the clapstro rule of moderation.

nice first post, asshole.

Actually the post is just a reference to my real first post which got a thread deleted and me banned like 3 years ago.

You last visited: 10-17-2006 at 06:08 PM

Almost 3 years ago.

Anyway I was banned for accusing the piss drinking guy (Kitsune I think) of drinking piss.

Well it appears that is exactly what happened. If he was uninterested in being the admin of the community, then he should have left somebody else in charge. Instead he did the opposite. He didn’t just “take his ball and go home.” He unlocked the fucking front door and left the country.

This could be an interesting case study in how fast a community can collapse.

This makes me sad :\ Can’t uh … stusser? (I think that was who was also doing admin work) do anything about this?

Octopus Overlords here I come!

i vote for a new, Bill D. and Co. moderated forum over at lamethrower.

Or, a Flash of Steel forum.

I just wish he waited till after e3 to have a flame out.

Tom should have at least had the decency to delete the entire site before leaving.