Band of Brothers Podcast (20 Years Later)

Listening to the Ron Livingston episode now. Fantastic insight. Roger Bennett of the Men in Blazers conducts the interview and is as awesome as he always is when interviewing, well, anyone. If you love the show, this is definitely worth your time. It’s been 20 years. New episodes weekly.

For being 20 years old, I still remember a lot of that show. Even though I only saw it once.

Come on Band of Brothers! Be more forgettable! It still feels fresh in my mind.

Glad you mentioned this—right up my alley. Tom Hanks, too!

Oooo! Thanks for mentioning this. Drive time podcast top of my list now.

Is there still going to be a new one based on pilots? I don’t think I ever got thru the Pacific one. It had so much melodrama from the home front as I recall. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

I’ve been wanting to re-watch this and haven’t since that initial viewing when it debuted. Trying to decide if I should listen to the podcast first. Thanks for the heads up!

@lostcawz I remember enjoying Pacific, but it, obviously, wasn’t as good. I don’t remember melodrama turning me off, but I probably had more of a tolerance for it then compared to now.

You’re all welcome. I didn’t see @Woolen_Horde posted about it in the HBO Max thread, but he deserves credit for noting it too.

Thanks for this, I see episode 2 is out today!

Episode 3 is out!

Am I the only one who is thrown off by what seems to be the very inorganic delivery of the host and interviewer. It feels like the questions were inserted after the fact. I know there is some back and forth, but something just feels off and it really is screwing with me. Listening to Hanks and Livingston has been great, but the question delivery and even the insertion of dialog from the show doesn’t feel natural.

I adore Rog Bennett, but I agree with you here (caveat: I’ve only listened to the first two episodes). He approaches these interviews with a set of extremely well-researched questions and is so focused on them that he asks very few follow-ups. I wish he would spend more time tugging on threads and engaging in more back-and-forth dialogue.

I had not heard of him, but generally a British accent makes me bias in the other direction. My American ears think British people are smarter. He does have an encyclopedic knowledge and I appreciate that, but something is getting in the way.

If you like soccer, check out the “Men In Blazers” podcast that he co-hosts. It’s fantastic.

I think it’s important to remember while listening that this is as much an advertisement for the series and HBO Max as it is a genuine project to get these people back to talk about it again.

I also would’ve liked followup in some places, but overall, the podcast feels like it respects the listener’s time, and the host’s breezy demeanor and research contributes to that and gives as much room as possible to the guests given the running length.

I was a few episodes behind, I am up to 10 now.

Finishing with Damian Lewis was a great conclusion. I especially liked the interview with Dale Dye. I’d always wondered how he got involved in Hollywood, and hearing the actors talk about the infamous bootcamp.

Recently listed to the 10 part podcast finally. Also have been watching the HBO series again for probably the dozenth time. I just finished episode 8 tonight, probably of my favorite miniseries of all time.

omg, i had never heard damian lewis’ natural voice and i can’t close my jaw…what? who is this?

Easy Company passes from memory to history.

Thank goodness Stephen Ambrose tracked them all down with his tape recorder back in the early 1990s. Great bit of fortuitous oral history-keeping, that.