Bandwidth usage going up with faster connection?

I’ve recently upgraded my Internet connection and bandwidth limit among other things because I was always busting the bandwidth limit, but now even with the new one, I am AGAIN going up to the limit. This is weird to me since my habits have not really changed and the new limit (150G) is double what the old one was and I’ve never even come close to that while under the old limit.

You guys know what it could be? Maybe Youtube and Netflix are automatically upgrading my videos to a higher quality level? If so, I’m not noticing the difference. Or is it my ISP screwing with me? Because I can remember at least one month where I “busted” my limit, only to be told at the end of the month that, no really it was okay, the final tally says so.

I sincerely doubt it’s someone piggybacking my Internet connection, by the way.

Youtube will definitely adjust quality down on the fly for slow connections, so if it’s now stopped doing so, that could result in higher bw consumption. But without a change in habits, I dunno if it’d contribute to doubling your usage.

Possible they didn’t actually up your limit and just think they did? heh

Yes, they will serve higher-quality video with additional bandwidth. Netflix allows you to adjust this account-wide. YouTube doesn’t.

Well, you can track your usage on their website and it does show the doubled maximum capacity.

I had a feeling it could be video. I’ll check out the settings, thanks.