Banished Vault: grimdark sci-fi logistics...and it's got a manual!

This looks like it has great potential. Plus it’s a real release, not EA.

The interface is gorgeous

I hope you post your impressions. It looks interesting, but I am a little concerned that micromanagement might overwhelm the game. So I’ll wait to hear. :)

Real curious about this one.

I plan to grab it later (assuming decent reviews) but probably won’t tackle it until tomorrow some time

Isn’t it? That alone makes me want to buy it but I suppose I should wait and hear how it actually plays first!

I’ve seen a teeny bit of a guy trying (but mostly failing) to explain it, so I hope to find some other info, because the idea and the look of the game are both intriguing, and I’d like to find out more.

But it bugs me that in the game they use weird icons - “W” for water, “C” for CO2 and “T” for Titanium. It’s like they never took a chemistry course in their lives.

I am intrigued by it and have it on my wish list.

It does look neat. And it says full controller support/Steam Deck Verified, too. Might have to keep an eye on it.

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this game The Banished Vault before, but this review sounds super intriguing - kind of like a more punishing version of Citizen Sleeper.

edit: ha, whoops, you guys posted about it yesterday. Well the review might have useful info anyway.

Here’s a video of a guy playing through the tutorial (two short scenarios).

This is one of those games where you can lose during the tutorial.

I’ve been playing The Banished Vault on and off lately (mainly because my schedule is complete hell and the last couple of months hasn’t helped at all). I hope to get some words out before the end of the week (they’ll be in brazilian portuguese, sadly) but it’s a solid recommendation from me if you enjoy logistics, having to tweak around and planning, a lot of planning.

It’s the kind of game you will fail, a lot, and then fail even harder but you’ll have a smile on your face because it never frustrates you. At least it didn’t frustrated me. Most dangers can be avoided.

Edit: As for how it plays, think about a game with a lot of planning / logistics (how much fuel, water, etc do i need to establish colonies but also how much I need to take back to the vault, and how much I need to take to the next solar system) whilst also recovering relics and writing your history in planets and running away from an entity that is destroying the galaxy.

The thing is, most games offer this stuff in game, The Banished Vault does not. It asks you to take an inventory of each of your ships, your vault, write it down somewhere. It has a very strong boardgamey feel and using the manual (be the PDF or the physical version) for reference is a must so much so that’s in the game itself as a compendium.

It’s a game of high stakes and well, no undo button.

It kind of sounds like that dice-based space survival game Tharsis.

Tharsis was reacting to the unexpected, which I can handle. What I’m worried about with this game is that it seems like it’s about planning exactly what you’re going to do on turn 1 and then executing that perfectly. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that, DrTeflon, I’ve only barely played this so far.

For example, before my transport leaves the mothership, I need to repeatedly consult this page and make sure I’m bringing the exact amount of materials to build the stuff I need. If I screw this up, or screw up the amount of fuel to get there (or back), I’m hosed and I need to burn some turns having a courier fly over. The game lets me restart to the beginning of the solar system but is otherwise “ironman” style saves.

RPS highly suggests getting the extra physical manual for Banished Vault. The game looks super intriguing.

If you don’t want to spend the money and/or wait for it to arrive, there is a .pdf of the manual here:

I just printed the tutorial but will end up printing the whole thing

I’m very curious how this works!

It’s only 5 bucks for the manual.

Yeah, but you have to wait for it to arrive. If you’re like us, and only get mail once a week, that can be a long time