Banning registry

For when the picture doesn’t get updated enough.

Banned, off the top of my head:

Brian Koontz
Jose Liz
Cleve Blakemore
Derek Smart
senator cthulhu/-lord ebonstone-

I know there are many more, but I’m drawing a blank. What was huffman’s first name?

Wumpus was unbanned, but now he is apparently too good to post with us.

Yeah, word on the street is that he was never explicitly banned, he just reached a mutual agreement with the entity to keep quiet. or something.

I’m so confused now. Did Cleve and the senator get re-banned? When did Jose Liz get banned?

Can someone else write up the un/rebanning that came from the switch from phpBB2 to vbulletin?

You are so getting banned for this.

What’d Jose Liz ever do to anyone? He was just a kid who liked Freddie Prinze Jr and the Roman numeral IV.

He was an arrogant little shithead, and apparently he annoyed Tom too.

Was everyone who was unbanned when we switched forum software also later rebanned? I’ll try to get a new version of the chart up once I get that cleared up.

Didn’t MetK get banned for a while? Or Kafka? Or both?

And we are all poorer for his absence. That Star Wars thread was comedy gold.

I still have trouble believing Tom would ban him. Maybe Tom will pop in, call me a yenta, and tell us what happened.

I wish you guys would understand that banning isn’t any of your business. When it happens, it’s a last resort and it’s between me and the person in question. But since it makes such good gossip, I guess it’s hard not to spectulate…ya bunch of yentas!

Oh well. I understand. Here goes: With Jose, as you guys can imagine, there was a fair amount of back-and-forth. I was always worried that he was a little young for the forum. In fact, because of him, I’ve started paying more attention to the ages on new accounts.

So way back when, I asked him to chill out and we decided he was going to just lurk for a while. He then registered a new account, lied to me about who he was to get it switched on, and continued to post. When I found out he had done this, I closed both his accounts.

He continues to email me once a month or so with plaintive one-liners like ‘Do you still hate me?’ or ‘Can I please come back?’, and I have to explain that I don’t hate him, but nevertheless I don’t feel he fits in very well and there are plenty of other online forums more suited to him.

So that’s the deal with Jose.

I’ve already mentioned what happened with Brian, but just to reiterate: he posted some race-baiting stuff in P&R that, in his usual heavy-handed space cadet way, was supposed to be, I dunno, a parody of Cleve or something. I PMed him, said I didn’t think it was appropriate and would he mind if I deleted it or at least moved it to Everything Else? He responded, basically telling me to fuck off, to quit interfering with the forum, to stop being a patriarch, and other such stuff with randomly capitalized words. So I closed his account.

As you guys know, there are very few rules on the forum. If you break one of them, or if I think you’re being out of line, I’ll email you and ask you not to do it. I can even entertain some back-and-forth if you think there are grey areas. But if your immediate response is something like what Brian did, or if there are further problems, the account will be closed.

It’s very simple and I try very hard to make sure it’s never personal. There are plenty of people on this forum who I might not like, inasmuch as you can not like someone over the internet, and plenty of people on this forum who don’t like me. And they’re all welcome to be here, as long as they can play relatively nice.


It’s nice to see the soft, personal side of Tom. It makes me want to give him a hug. smiley face.

Yeah, Tom’s a fair cop, but I still feel a sense of loss. Liz was a smug little bastard, but let’s be real. This is the Island of Misfit Toys and Tom is Yukon Cornelius. We are all smug little bastards. Or truculent assholes or Sony/Nintendo fanboys or Fallout bitter enders or something equally annoying (except Sparky, who may be perfect).

Don’t forget Fire and Angie. The few Qt3 women regulars tend to be the ones that aren’t a bunch of smug assholes.

That’s cause the women folk are real purty, with their golden hair, an’ their soft voices.

The sample of women on Qt3 is too small to generalize about.

Yeah, chicks don’t count. They are considerably less socially defective than guys.

I just mentioned Sparky because, now that Brian is gone, someone has to carry the torch.

Please don’t put Angie on a pedestal. She will find a way to fall off and hurt herself.

I’ll choose to disagree with you there, but not say on who :X