Show looks fairly interesting if not a great mash-up of funky ideas, though you don’t see the obviously weird dealings with of an ex-con-hiding-as-sheriff and Amish country as much as you’d think in the trailer.

— Alan

The premise is, of course, not at all believable but it is interesting. Execution of the idea will be key.

What kind of Amish people name their town Banshee?

With one of my favorite actors, Ulrich Thomsen! Looks interesting.

Some bad ass, Kung Fu practicin’ Amish, that’s who! They’ll clip your beard AND trash your ass you so much as look sideways at one of their buggies.

Heh. Come to think of it there’s some reality show called “Amish Mafia,” so maybe there’s more going on with those crafty Amish than I realize.

Wow, not bad…not bad at all. I’m hard pressed to name even one character I didn’t like in the show. Well…maybe the two dimensional Russian mafia guys, but they weren’t around long enough to build on though.

Job was the scene stealer. Loved his “exit” from the world of cosmetology.

And that opening chase through oncoming traffic was really quite good.

However, nothing beats killing a man with bottle of steak sauce.

I’m really enjoying this show. The fight scene with the AMA fighter was amazing. Never seen anything like it on cable.

I love this, too. He is like the little angry guy in my brain that I keep in check, but wants to just break out and rage on people. He is like Olyphant after a week of energy drinks.

I made the mistake of seeing the first episode with my GF AND my 16 year old daugther…

As I said afterwards “This was a great showstart, a few akward family moments aside”…

Ulrich Thomsen is bad-ass…but he’s always been so, just not quite like this. Looking forward to seeing some more of this!

Yeah, the way the fight went was totally unexpected. And Hood seems to have a massive dent in his forehead.

Still enjoying it but I’m a little worried about the story. Hood’s doing some really stupid things in his role as Sheriff. The kind of stuff that would see you in jail, or at the very least under a HUMONGOUS amount of scrutiny. He’s either really, really stupid…or he has something up his sleeve.

And I completely agree that Ulrich Thomsen is stealing this show. Fantastic performance.

p.s. if you get a chance, check out a little gem of a horror/comedy film called The Substitute. Ulrich stars in it.

And yet Hood always prevails. This show has that fresh taste of something minty and new, I’m hoping for maybe 2 seasons max. He has to fight Sugar Fist (his landlord!) and various clones of amishness atop a mountain, with space-jets shooting lasers in the background at the end of season 9.

On the Farmead Estate, teenager Sammy Malone is causing havoc with some fireworks, with disastrous consequences. With a film crew in tow, Sheriff Hood arrives at the scene and starts to treat an injured resident. The site soon becomes unstable as the repercussions continue. Unbeknownst to Hood the rocket has caused a fire, which in turn causes an explosion. Soon the fire is out of control. Hood decides to track down the culprit himself which puts his daughters life in grave danger.

That’s the plot of ep.5.

Damn, I thought you were starting Banshee fanfic for a minute there.

Still, it seems to deliver exactly what’s needed in each episode.

Biker Gang? Hot Amish Girl having prison sex? Opiated camera men? Awesome characters?

If Patrick Stewart turns up later on, as Hoods mother, I would feign surprise.

It’s a very badly written show about some seriously unbelievable characters doing seriously ridiculous things…

…but I can’t stop watching. It’s so over the top dumb that I look forward to what they’ll pull out of their asses next week.

That may be one of the most brutal fight scenes I have seen since the Eastern Promises bathhouse scene. Rather than the usual woohoo dancing around fun to watch fight scenes, I was cringing each blow.

I love how this show seems to happen in a world where negative consequences are largely nonexistent. He nearly kills the MMA fighter with tons of people around and no one gives a damn. He beats the hell out of guys in every episode and no one does anything. He murders someone in prison and it doesn’t seem to add a second to his time. That’s not sarcasm, either, I genuinely love that about this show.

Hepcat mentioned it being badly written, but I don’t think that’s true. This isn’t Masterpiece Theater, but I think they almost perfectly execute their mission, which is to make a ridiculous, violent, sexy show about a ridiculously violent guy working out some shit after a brutal stretch in prison. If the premise works for you, the show is irresistible, as it is for me.

The only issues I’ve had so far are the occasional bits of bad acting (bad meaning that it’s not in line with what everyone else is doing and thus stands out) on the part of some of the guest stars (the leader of the bikers being the most notable).

The albino prison guy was wonderfully weird looking and appropriately scary and just like the fight with the MMA guy that was some brutal action.