Barbarian Invasion now in stores

Time to head down to my local EBGames, pick up a copy, and start smiting those dirty barbarians.

Under my rule, Rome shall never fall!

(and no, there weren’t any existing barbarian invasion threads ;))

What Rome are we talking bout here? Cause there are two, you know. :twisted:

Rome, New York, of course.

Anyone know if this expansion pack improves the AI and most importantly fixes the AI bug that caused the strategic AI to “forget” what it was doing after loading a saved game?

Wait, is this based on the Denys Arcand movie? 'Cause I thought that had lots of cool game tie-in possibilities.

Haha, if you want to get technical, Moscow was the 3rd Rome ;). But I was talking about the first one of course, although since the Eastern Roman Empire is pretty much in the same mood I wouldn’t mind reconquering my Western “brothers” after beating the crap out of the Sassanids ;).

I think that was one of the bug fixes, yep, and regular RTW owners will get it in the 1.3 patch which will come out soon. As for me, I bought the game, and I will continue to buy every good PC game so that they know consoles isn’t the only place they can make money.

You sound awfully defensive. Are you a dirty pirate?

On to actually talking about the game!

It’s OK. The Western Empire starts in a pretty impossible position; all their cities have Pagan temples in Christian cities because the previous ruler decided it’d be fun to convert the Empire to Mithra, so you have an economy in free fall. The Eastern empire is considerably more playable. The Huns are fun as long as you don’t settle down; in a brief game I marched the entire horde into Rome, took it over and settled in, at which point I became a third rate barony or something (albeit with my really kickass leaders).

Yah, or the suicidal leaders? I really wanted to like Rome, but it really had some pretty devestating bugs/flaws.

I’ve played a prolonged game with the Huns… going directly to Rome does not work. If you do this, you might even manage to take over all 4 provinces in Italy (bar Sicily) and you will still not manage to do well. The problem is, by the time you take the 3rd province, your entire Horde disbands, and then you have lots of pissed off citizens for some reason.

Anyways, its not that hard to build up a garrison, but once you do, your profit goes to zero or negatives, and of course since all the good people you can do trade with are either too far away from you or across the ocean, you’re pretty much screwed.

Then the Vandals/Goths come in a Horde and siege you, the AI is too stupid to build more than one siege tower, heh, then they leave after you own them (instead of waiting for 2 more turns? wtf).

Next game if I play Horde I’ll try going counter-clockwise or something, and settle as far away from any Barbarians as I can.

Shouldn’t this thread be in Movies section?

Shouldn’t this thread be in Movies section?
The Barbarian Invasions (2003) - IMDb

if you’ve seen the movie, you might consider it more P&R.

Just played for 8 hours or so as Eastern Rome. The domino barbarians are really cool, but at first I didn’t know how to handle them. I was over extended, my economy was in shambles, my cities were rioting, and the Sassanids to the east were threatening to take Antioch when I finally had dealt with the Vandals, only to see the Goths and Huns come after me in the very next turn. I decided to start over at that point, because I figured it would take an extraordinary amount of time to take back what I had lost.

Now, take two. I noticed in my previous game that neutral barbarians hordes never attack your units, they only go for your cities. Sadly I could not exploit that fact to my advantage because the barbarians were already past most natural choke points, but in game two I noticed that barbarians coming from the north could only pass the river Danube at two crossings. My new strategy opted for forts at the crossings, and a sizable garrison at each. Has worked well so far, and no one has attacked me, though I might have reason to worry when the barbarians make it past west roman lands and can come at me from the North West. I’ll have to make eradicating the Sassanids a priority so I won’t be forced into more two-front fighting. Or maybe I should just leave them a single weak city, or they’ll become a wandering horde and ravage my lands. :roll:

Further comments on the AI would be appreciated i fnayone cares topost them. I quit playing the original due to the combination of sketchy AI and the city population/unrest bug. I love the design of the game, but those problems just sucked away my desire to play.

Also, does installation of the expansion update the original campaign at all? Can you play the original camapign with all of the new features in effect?

I think BI patches the original up to 1.3, though I don’t really know what changes they’ve made.

I think the AI I just exploited is a bit cheap though I haven’t really tested it to see if they will attack weak stacks in their direct way. I’m sure there would be issues with suicidal barbarians if they just coded them to attack anyone in their path, but it’s hard to see a horde of 5,000 barbarians passing up the opportunity to plunder Byzantium because a squad of archers is sitting at a river crossing.

The strategic AI is improved but still sketchy in places, biggest improvement is perhaps that the AI is better at creating larger stacks now instead of trickling out a bunch of small ones.

Judging by my first few fights the tactical battle AI is a lot better than the original game; it now seems to know how to counter flank attacks, charge and withdraw with cavalry, use archers more effectively, put together better sieges etc. Oh, and the suicidal generals problem seems to have been fixed. This is playing with hard AI difficulty though, don’t know about lower settings. Still early days, I’m sure I’ll start encountering flaws soon.

Battles are also slower and last longer now, which I like.

Will all the AI improvements be patched into the original game or do I have to buy the expansion to get that?

Something I’ve noticed is that money is a lot harder to come by now. I’ve more or less entered the end game with the east romans but I still find myself having to choose between city upgrades and troop recruitment on a regular basis. It is very refreshing to not be literally swimming in money like in Rome, which made the difficulty levels a joke.

I started a game as the Goths. I get one territory. Yay. So I take over the rebel territory next to me, and then I see the Western Roman Empire having “issues”, so I grab it’s rebelling territories.

Then the Huns AND the Vandals ride down with their full stacks and put my first 2 cities Under Siege with their thousands of guys. And I’ve got Wooden Walls around those cities.

So it’s looking grim, and without Steven Seagal, I don’t think my main 2 cities are going to hold, leaving me with 2 crappy ones that will probably be overrun next.

And this was supposed to be an “Easy” game… right… putting a one territory power next to 2 Hordes? Sure.

Did they do something about the way you could bribe enemy armies too easily?