Barbie - Greta Gerwig's magnum opus

It’s also easy to imagine him enjoying a life of absolute luxury. Beyond that, it’s not hard to imagine Gerwig negotiating a package deal that includes her helming a tentpole movie and Noah doing an arthouse movie.

I think of Barbie as almost an aberration. Gerwig may go back to doing smaller films again. She seems like someone who only wants to do movies that interest her. I don’t see her doing a Marvel movie, for example.

She’s slated to do a Narnia movie or two in an upcoming revival of that franchise.

Just as long as we get Parnell and Samberg, too

I have to admit that I busted out so loud when Rob Brydon’s cameo happened.

My gf decided I needed the best day earlier this week!

This involved going to a nice crepe place for lunch, getting the all clear on my surgery back in Feb, then walking around, talking about things, then seeing the Barbie movie.

it legit hit us hard, in good ways. We enjoyed it. Then we went back in the car, had to go through some hard rain, and has some very sappy and cutesy talk with each other and talked about the future. It really was one of my best days ever!!!

That’s terrific, glad you had such a nice day!

I didn’t even realize this was her in this movie.

SPOILERS for Ahsoka

This is really a good movie though. Margot Robbie really nailed it as a barbie and other casts.

Put me in this category. Watched it this weekend, and for me and the wife, this was definitely a victim of its own hype.

Wife and I saw it this weekend. Put us both in the meh category.

I’ll bet this movie benefits a lot being in a theater full of people laughing, because man was that a fun theater experience.

When we went it was packed with tweens and parents. A ton of pink outfits. The kids were laughing and clapping, but it sounded like the parents were the ones that got most of the jokes.

It was awesome.

Thinking back over Gerwig’s oeuvre, having kind of a passive protagonist might be a trope.

The theater I was in had ~10 people. No laughing. No special costumes. Yeah, that could have impacted the enjoyment

Well, you’re also with a very different crowd, enthusiasm and interest-wise, when you see a movie two months after release than when you see it in the first couple of weeks.