Bards Tale IV announced


Useful monsters won’t really show up until you get good summoning spells. Which are a ways off. The Demon Lords were pretty amazing for a good portion of the game, but generally another character is going to be better than whatever you chose. Unless it’s a rogue. Or arguably also a bard later in the game.


Yeah. Finally found ‘Keil’s Magic Compass’, which pretty much does what I was complaining about.

Darkness is still annoying, tho.


Where is the guy that replenishes magic points?

Is going to a temple and paying money the only way to heal, no sleeping at an inn or anything? No healing potions?

Is going to an inn to drink the only way to restore bard songs? Man that took awhile to figure out, btw.

It’s kind of annoying having to run back to various places to restock on arrows, restore bard songs, heal, etc. right? Or am I doing it wrong?


The guy that refreshes magic points is just north of the main square (where all the temple buildings are). Take the north exit, and it’s in that area. Spell points do slowly regenerate over time as well.

Healing is done either at the inn or by casting spells.

Yes - drinking is the only way to restore bard songs. Make sure to sing one song before drinking to get a ‘free’ one (same with casting a long spell before refreshing the spell points).

And no - you’re not doing it wrong. It was just a game made in a time where things worked like that. We’re generally glad it’s not like that anymore (outside of nostalgic reasons).


Roscoe’s. Take the NW Temple Square exit. Have you found temple square?

Temple, spells, and items that can be used to cast a spell ( there’s a late game staff that casts the most powerful healing spell: REST). Healing is pretty cheap, for HP. Note, if memory serves you either cannot cure OLD or Withered by magic, only at a temple. Possibly both. Poison and some other stuff can be cured by certain spells.

There are eventually items that replenish his songs. But it’s not really all that necessary to spam Bard Songs IMO.

Skip bows, maybe. Eventually you will get more self sufficient, but your life will still involve a lot of Roscoe’s trips. Although there are magic items to reduce SP costs and give SP regen, you won’t see those for awhile.

You get bonus SP on level up for ints over, uh, 14 I think. This is super important. It’s probably the most important stat, followed by con (Bonus HP due to con are not retroactive, I don’t believe). But you’ll also see your SP pools surge once you start multiclassing your casters. Eventually they can go long stretches keeping your party upgright, buffed, and blasting everything to space dust. But eventually you will have to stop by Roscoe’s.

One reason to run 3 casters is just to have all those SP. Another is you want to rush one to Sorceror, while the other two leisurely level up to 13 before class changing. Generally Co -> Ma (or vice cersa) ->Sorceror -> Wizard -> Back to Ma (because they’re cheaper to level than So and Wi, and some spells scale on level). But you rush Sorceror on one caster for MIBL and some choice buffs/utility.

Note that casters who are still <= level 5ish (even after class switching) will see a reduction in effectiveness of nukes (they’ll get resisted a lot). So you always want someone across that threshold as the main nuker.



If you have a compass it no longer rotates.


Only Temples, until you get some of the bigger healing magic. Once you get REST Temples are just for death and status effects since you can fully heal everyone for 12 MP.

Until you hit one of the many items that make bard song unlimited. The first one you run into is a Bardsword iirc.

Lower levels are a lot more of running back to restock since your pool is so shallow. Once you start gaining levels the only limit tends to be MPs on your mages and eventually you can just teleport around or walk through walls so even that limit isn’t much of one in the grand scheme of things.


haha this game is awesome.


There are levels where you can’t teleport but there aren’t many of those.

Looks like they imported some of the Wizard’s BT 2 spells into 1.


Just started playing this afternoon and it’s awesome. The last time I played it was in the 80’s on my Apple ][e. I felt just as lost in town as the first time I played it back then until I realized you could toggle on the mini-map and there was the journal as well. Very nice.

I’d forgotten that if you just stand there you will still get encounters, it’s not strictly turn based. Playing with a dwarf paladin and fighter, human bard and monk, 2 elf conjurers. Level 2 so far for all.


Here are some spell lists if anyone wants them. That site contains other spoilers if you go a wanderin’, so be forewarned. And again, at the least it seems they’re bringing some of the new BT 2 wizard spells over to BT 1 (so you’ll need to wander over to that section if you want to see them). It kinda makes me wonder if they brought Archmage over too. . . (I’m a ways from finding out although now that I can get to Catacombs 3 easily the XP is really starting to pour in, to say nothing of finally getting some interesting gear).


I think that is where I went to find a pdf of the manual.

Man, arrows seem to be expensive. 130 for 10 arrows? Also can a person at the back of the party only use magic, or can they use a bow as well? I think I saw something that said last 3 slots can only cast magic, but not sure.


They can use bows I think. Ranged attacks didn’t come into being until BT2, so they’re sort of odd in the first game.


I’m very tempted. I threw out my carefully hand-drawn maps a couple of years ago.


How do you transfer inventory items/equipment from one character to another?


All unequipped items are shared inventory.

I’d like to second someone’s idea from upthread that someone give this kind of treatment to the gold box games. I’d love to play the Krynn series again. Loved Dragonlance back in the day.


You can heal your entire party in combat by using the bard’s healing song. Look for an easy encounter with either one critter, or kill all but one. Have the bard sing the healing song. Have everyone defend every turn until all are healed. Kill remaining critter. Everyone will heal 1 HP per combat round so it takes some patience but it can save you a bundle.


The money seems to start coming in pretty decently in the first dungeon. I was fretting about spending 200-300 to recharge each spellcaster but then I started pulling in 300, 500, 700, gold in a fight and stopped worrying.


Finished the first one last night. Definitely looking forward to the release of BTII.

Seriously. Someone get on those gold box games. As much as I loved the BT trilogy, I loved those even more. I mean, if someone made those with auto-mapping? Just take my money.


I don’t remember needing maps for Pool of Radience, etc. is Eye of the Beholder considered Gold Box?

Agreed though, after Ultima 3&4, Pool of Radience was my favorite game from my youth. Would love to see a remastered version.