Bargain Thread 2013

There is! I started it! I don’t think anyone bought it, though. Lost Planet 2 for $5 is a great deal, even considering it may be lost to the GFWL collapse. Fun, zany action game.

New day in the new Humble Store’s debut sale. Guild Wars 2 for $30! + Bunch of other stuff.

Can anyone confirm what I’m seeing (or not seeing) - that Guild Wars 2 and Blood Dragon are not available to Europeans?
If so, it’s a shame that the Humble Store is accepting regional exclusives in return for being able to offer new big-budget games. And it’s definitely not nice of them to introduce such a “feature” only on Day Two - after the glowing PR on Day One. Countdown to regional pricing in 3… 2… 1…
Oh well, they still offer some games DRM-free for a reasonable price. And the service is young; maybe they’ll change their ways. #notcompletelydeadtome

In other DRM-laden mega-coporate regionally priced news, there’s still a week left in the sci-fi sale on PSN Europe. Vanquish for €5, Blood Dragon for €6, Beyond Good & Evil HD for €4, Binary Domain €15, Lost Planet 3 50% off at €30.

GOG is doing a series of limit-quantities sales – their “fall insomnia” (because you have to stay awake to get all the good deals) promotion. Right now is Don’t Starve for $5, about 150 copies left.

By the time you blink multiple sales will have come and gone. Some are only up for a few seconds.

Yup! All part of the fun.

Also it won’t reserve your copy while you have it in the basket.
I got the 2nd last copy of “Don’t Starve” but hesitated for a moment and it was gone.

Just got Shelter for -66%.

Deus Ex right now with 400 copies.

It’s amazing how this gets you psychologically. I have Deus Ex on disk and on Steam, yet I couldn’t resist getting it on GOG as well. I really need to finish it.

What the hell!? Brian!

It’s like Woot deals. Wargame: European Escalation seems to be stalling.

I rarely finish games. Alpha Protocol is the first game I’ve finished in over two years. I had even less of an attention span when Deus Ex came out.

Everyone knows Airland Battle is where it’s at now.

If there’s a space in the title of a game, Brian grabs a couple.

I’d jump on that at $2.99. $6.69 feels high.

Should rename it to “SPACE - Wargame: European Escalation” to clear the queue then ;)

Europe isn’t in space, silly.

Enough OT now ;)

“Nexus - The Jupiter Incident” now for -80%

Bought! Probably never play it again, but I loved this game.

It’s flipping basically every five seconds. Pointless to keep track of individual deals. Six more have just blasted through. It’s mesmerizing to watch them go, though.

Grabbed Miasmata for $2.99. I remember that game looking really interesting when it came out, but a lot of people having performance problems with it. Hopefully they’ve patched it a time or two since.

I’m so thrilled to see Nexus and Theme Hospital go so quickly. Amazing games.