Bargain Thread 2013

Miasmata is really, really good. For a certain type of gamer, anyway. Post your impressions in the thread!

Wow, Thief Gold went fast.

Sixteen free copies of Wing Commander 4 literally went in the blink of an eye.

AAAUUGH! This is killing me!

I am getting NO work done today because I am watching the GOG homepage. Dammit.

Yeah, by the time it fully loaded on my screen it was gone. Same with Ultima VII just now :-(

But hey I just got Rogue Legacy for $5.

I clicked the Ultima 7 deal the second it appeared and it was already gone. Didn’t even see how many copies, they sold out in under a second.

Same here! My god this is just fun to watch.

OH HELL YES!!! I was quick on the click and nabbed Defender’s Quest, a game I actually have on my Steam wishlist, FOR FREE!!!

That was fun! Thank you GOG!

Damn, I went to pour some more coffee and missed that Conquistador game. Been wanting that one.

You need to wait for these speedbumps. Like Shadow Man.

This is online sales as spectator sport. This is brutal.

What a rush. I just grabbed Expeditions: Conquistador for $5. I’m not even sure if that’s a good price and I’m not even sure I wanted the game but I felt like I was in a race and didn’t have time to think/analyze. Talk about impulse purchase!

Same, effective immediately.

It’s like the old Woot Offs before they became junk!

Next time around they should throw in a BOC somewhere in there.

Some of these are so tempting and such great deals like the current Geneforge 1-5, but I just know I’m never gonna get around to playing these. Even $3 is a waste of money.

I see something like Geneforge and I think $3? Why not? I may never play it but it will look good on my virtual GOG game shelf.

That’s why I just grabbed Wing Commander 4 for $1.50.

Yeah I’m in for Wing Commander 4 as well. I figure I might as well try something from the series eventually, and it’s not going to get much cheaper than $1.50.

/me looks around for Brian Rubin and then runs out of the thread.

This is like a Steam sale on steroids.

Strike Suit Zero is going slow. Bet there is another freebie after it…

HA! I was right. 8 Free copies of Beyond Good and Evil. Gone before it even loaded.

I have my mouse hovering over the ‘buy’ button.