Bargain Thread 2013


Humble Store has some great ones, including Gone Home for $10, Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion for $10. Much more!

Amazon has Far Cry 3 for $15.

Just FYI, the Steam version of Far Cry 3 will still redirect to the uPlay launcher.

I just spent the last few pages laughing at all the folks glued to the GoG sale. Then I click on the website and they have Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic for $2.50, going fast. A quick visit to Paypal, and… I’m not gonna laugh anymore. Ooh, Tales of Monkey Island is next!

I know, right? The prospect of watching bargain timers count down would usually get a “OK, you do that, and I’ll just go see how the paint is drying” from me, but this was a nice combination of interesting things in rolling over at a (usually) good pace.

Some of the ancillary stuff was funny, too, like seeing poor Jack Keane 2 sit there like a slow-melting icicle for several hours, with platoons of people adding glowing, tongue in cheek reviews in a joking attempt turn the heat up. I actually felt kinda bad for Jack Keane 2.

Anyone interested in a Payday 4 pack?

Rise of the Triad is the next Jack Keane 2.

I bought that on sale and said the same thing, then I tried it. I’m about 20 hours in. :) Really great game if you don’t mind some old-school RPG.

Geneforge is a lot of fun if you’re old enough to have played “old school” isometric view RPGs back in the day (or just have an appreciation for such). I picked the entire series up in a bundle deal last year and have been slowly playing my way through the last several months during the occasional lunch at my desk at work. The story is fairly unique and interesting, the character development is good, and the pace and combat are both quick enough that you never feel bogged down. The graphics are absolutely old school, but I don’t mind because the rest of the game is so well done.

For $3 I would heartily recommend the Geneforge Saga to anyone who enjoys RPGs.

Jack Keane 2 is back on Only 20 copies left. Buy now or cry later.

Buy now AND cry later.

Where were you? Where were you when Jack Keane ruled GOG in 2013?

Jack we hardly knew ye. Long live the new king, Lords of Midnight!

I really hope the GOG promotion doesn’t become a common marketing tool. Because those of us who work most of the day and have to sleep at night have a bunch of disposable income. And this promotion just seems like an insult. However, it is quite addictive.

Go home, Eador, you’re drunk.

I swear that thing keeps popping up every time I check the page.

I think this is the last time through. Everything is marked “Last Chance” now.

GOG: The book of unwritten tale should last through the night, or at least 4am EDT.

More like The Book of Unpurchased Tales…

Simply not an attractive offer. A 4 year old adventure game, even though a very good one according to the reviews, should cost closer to 2$ in such a sale.

That Book was a thundering success, compared to its successor, Thunderscape. It took four hours for 400 copies to fly off the shelves.
Next up: Divinity: Dragon Commander for $22.50. This isn’t moving as it’s way above the impulse buying threshold that’s needed to keep people involved who’ve already spent two days spending $1.50 here, $2.50 there.

It’s the last day of the sales bonanza, all right. All that’s left are a few huge baskets with the stuff that didn’t sell when there were better sales around, and a lot of shoppers pawing through those baskets, trying to find that last bit of excellence hidden under 400 copies of Thunderscape.

Me too. Tried a few times to buy but it just goes so fast. Quickly gave up and stopped watching.