Bargain Thread 2013

Can you save your Credit Card info on GOG , I forget? Would that make it easier?

Yep, this sale has generated more hatred than goodwill from me.

It had too many downsides, like finally having some time to spare to keep it open and being faced with a slow-mover that just kept ticking down SLOOOWLY for hours, or finally seeing one of the free offerings and always encountering either system overload or an “offer has expired” message.
Maybe with some considerable tweaking, this type of sale could work, but as it stands, it’s way worse than Amazon’s lightning deals, which at least have the excuse of moving physical goods - but even then I found them “friendlier” than GOGs system which, by various means, told me "Fck you!" paired with that laughting trollface meme several times. You know what, GOG? Fck you too!


I’ve found it entertaining, but I don’t have a wishlist of games I want from GOG since I’ve already bought most of those from previous sales. And I also know that if I miss something (other than a free game) it will eventually be on sale again.

I also have so many unplayed games now it’s absurd every time I buy another.

Starting today and running until December 1st, Iron Brigade (360) is free for anyone with an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

I know nothing pleases everyone but it is hard to understand why this sale has actually created “hatred” or has made anyone “bitter”. It is no different than a Woot-Off, which were great fun in the day. I understand why everyone can not easily participate but that is no different than being on a cruise ship when Steam decides to have their summer sale. I have found it entertaining and have snagged a couple of deals. Great! I missed out on the Geneforge sale. Big deal.

I hate to basically as the same question twice, but does anyone know if the “last chance” for Expeditions: Conquistador has come and gone?

Get it here:

But it’s a dollar moooooooore!

It’s dumb, but I just don’t want all those other games (I already have the old JA games), so I have been avoiding that option for now…

I don’t think anyone at suspected the sale would be anywhere near as successful as it was. Remember, they originally were going to sell 101 different games (and give very limited quantities of some of the away for free) over the course of what they expected to be 24 hours or more. I expect that they were blown away when the gaming public ate through those 101 offers (plus freebies) in under 6 hours. This isn’t GOG laughing and saying “Fuck you!” to anyone, it’s GOG trying something new and kind of cool, and being totally unprepared for the reception it got. To their credit, they repaeated nearly every deal, some more than twice, so that people who missed out on the original listings could have a shot at some deals. And yes, the freebies were ridiculously difficult to score (though again in their defense I did manage to nab Defender’s Quest free and I am not a bot nor a hacker), but that is the nature of premium freebies.

Honestly, I thought the whole thing was pretty awesome. I really liked that many of the featured items were classics like Ultima 7, Wing Commander IV and the MOO games. It’s completely awesome that I saw 1000 copies of Planescape : Torment sell out in less than 3 minutes. I also think it’s a huge win for developers. Larian has to be delighted to have seen nearly 1000 copies of Divinity Dragon Commander sell for $22 each throughout the sale.

I would defintely support this kind of sale on GOG again in the future, especially if they take what they’ve learned from the experience and use it to make the next sale a better experience for everyone.

If you don’t already own it, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is worth that extra $1.

New set of Humble Store deals, some good stuff, including Blacklist for $30, FTL for $3.40, plenty more.

It actually starts tomorrow (Saturday).

Yeah, I figured something might have been up, since I was hearing reports that the Games for Gold link on the dashboard had updated but that IB was still showing at full price.

And its back one last time @$5. 700+ copies left as I write this. I don’t have it. Should I? I’ve already spent $17 in this sale. No, I mustn’t. Is mustn’t a word?

Decisions, decisions…

You could get with a bunch of other games on the humble weekly sale.

Well, except Woot-Offs have an actual limited quantity of items.

Plus it’s the internet. Fucking everything makes somebody angry or bitter.

This post made me angry and bitter. I’m not sure why.

So I’m thinking about buying both the Humble Bundleand theHumble Weekly sale, but neither of them have games that are really on my wishlists… And, if they were discussed in this thread, I must’ve missed it amidst all of the GoG-sale hullabaloo.

Does anyone want to talk me into, or out of, either sale?

For the HB:
I already own the Fear games (not sure if I’ll ever play them. I like FPS but I don’t like creepy ghost children).
I’m under the vague impression that everyone on Qt3 loves the Batman: Arkham games (true?) and, though I don’t play a lot of action games, I did buy an Xbox 360 controller this year so I’m on the lookout for button-mashing items for my backlog. (Plus I like a good cinematic story; I quite enjoyed my quick romp through the WH40k Space Marine game).
I’m also a big LotR fan, so even though the MOBA is supposed to be crap and I doubt I’d find the time for the MMO, I’m tempted by the War in the North RPG (can I play it local co-op with the 360 controllers?)

For the Weekly sale:
I was tempted by the WWII game, Air Conflict: Pacific Carriers, but the only reviews available describe bugs and bad stuff… :(
The Jagged Alliance games are vaguely tempting (I love tactical TB combat in games like Fallout), but I don’t know the series that well…
I’ve never heard of this Expeditions: Conquistador game… Is it like a historically-based version of Heroes of Might and Magic?

PS: Apologies, but I wanted to experiment with excessively varied formatting. Please don’t be angry.