Bargain Thread 2014

And so it begins…

Steam has StarDrive on sale for 75% off. Worth it?

It sounds like it’s definitely NOT a good idea to buy it - the developer has abandoned it in favor of working on what I presume is a follow-up (Dan was speaking in code, so whatever SDU stands for is what they seem to be moving on to). It’s too bad - the screenshots on Steam always make me want to click Add To Cart.

Use ORIGIN15 code on EA Origin store until tomorrow (not sure if it still will work on 1/1) to get BF4 for $35.99.

Happy new year, boyeeee!

GameStop has Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ (steamworks) on sale for $2.49:

I read lots of good things about this (see the qt3 thread), but I’m terrible at Pac-Man.

Yes, I keep seeing this and hoping it’s good. I was reading the game’s Steam forum, which is full of angry comments about the broken game and unfinished features, with a periodic post from the dev saying things are working as intended.

The bloody game works fine, it isn’t broken, and it’s a good space combat game where you can even take direct control over a unit. It could have used more features, but it works, and has cute aliens

Contrastis $3 after applying the 20% off voucher @ GMG. GMG20-ZB5D1-93X49

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I really wanted to meet those galactic bears!

The Dungeon Siege 3 pack (steam) on Amazon is back on sale for $3, woo! Note that purchases no longer rack up EC promo credits since we only had up through 12/31 to get those.

Out of stock :(

Wow that didn’t take very long.

Finally bought that budget software from steam! I think it will cost steam a good bit of my money next year if I stick with it… We will see …muhahaha

Mass Effect 3 (Origin) on GMG is a bit cheaper than than I’ve seen before. $6 for the digital deluxe edition, and $4 for the regular version after using their 20% code:

If you need the whole trilogy, then I think $10 at Amazon is the best choice:

New humble weekly:

Samorost 2


Groupees still has their christmas build a bundle up. Some decent stuff in that one if anyone missed it. A warning about Gentlemen though, that one is local multiplayer only. No bots, no online.

OMG, Steam seem to have changed it up.

Last day of the sale (3rd of Jan) and fairly predictably a bunch of previous daily deals return. Difference is that only these games are now on sale - all the other ‘normal’ discounts have ended. ie The days of holding off buying until the last day in case a game becomes a daily deal seem like they may be over. Anyone else confirm this?

Edit - hmm, maybe not completely. Still seems to be other stuff on sale, but there were several items in my wishlist that I was lining up for a last day purchase which are no longer discounted…

Yep, most of my wishlist is back to regular price. Fakeout!

So, re: Amazon, when I type in 2013 Editor’s Choice Games in the search box, all I get is Brothers and one other title. Maybe it’s early yet. I ended up with 5 $5 credits for purchases as far back as Nov. 25th.

Many Borderlands 2 items (base game, the main DLCs, 2 class DLCs, and vault hunter upgrades) are back on 75% sale on GMG, plus there’s a new 25% off voucher:

Discounted Borderlands 2 search:

The Vault Hunter Upgrade 2 ended up being $0.93 for me. How do people like the Krieg character? The Psycho pack should be around $1.88.

edit: Oh hey, 30% off code for Australians! GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW That brings prices down to what, $20 per DLC?

Here’s Tony’s very preliminary list:

He said he probably won’t hear back from most publishers until next week, and EC deals will be added throughout the month.

I’ve got 7 credits. So far I’ll use one for Bioshock Infinite (it’ll be around $8.20 after EC credit) to go with the $5 Season Pass I picked up from Steam. :)

Only possibility on that list would be Crysis 3 @ $5.

EA’s insistence on keeping the price on SimCity high despite the horrid reviews is truly boggling. For $5 or so I might check it out, but for $15-$20? No thanks.

(In case you are feeling the Steam sale blues, and still need a fix…)
Steam today: Skulls of the Shogun $3.74. 4-pack $11.24 (meaning $2.81 each).
QT3 thread This is a simple turned-based strategy game much like Advanced Wars, but without grids.