Bargain Thread 2014

The DLCs aren’t showing up at a discount for me. Is the sale region locked?

USA here , no dlc discount either…

The Company of Heroes 2 DLC were included in the sale by mistake. It’s been fixed now. Luckily I grabbed something in time ;)

Bummer. Looks like they are pulling a Bioware, keep selling the base game at a discount and bleed the customer with expensive DLCs.

When does the Amazon Editor’s promotion end? I’m sitting on three $5 discounts. I keep waiting for something good to pop up for me, but it’s just not happening.

Steam today: The Secret World QT3 thread
[ul][li]Normal game: $10.19 (66% off)[*]Massive Edition: $29.99 (50% off) contains the full Secret World game and Issue #5, #6, #7[/ul][/li]What’s the difference between the Normal game and the Massive Edition? I couldn’t figure it out from the Steam page or the main website.

Ends January 31st. Games/discounts seem to come and go all month long though. So far the best deals have been Bioshock Infinite for $8.20, Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons for $3, How to Survive for $2.50, Marlow Briggs for $2.50, Crysis 3 for $5, Ace Patrol Bundle for $1, XCOM Collection (including Enemy Unkown) for $10 and Eurpoa Universalis 4 for $15. Most of those are still available, though I think Crysis ended earlier in the month.

I’ve been very disappointed in the ability of Amazon to convince many publishers to take part in the “Editor’s Choice” sale. The games included are by no means a representation of the best games of 2013, and the selection has been so paltry that even calling this a promotion has been somewhat embarassing. I was hoping they would at least convince Bethesda and Sega to take part so that we could see decent prices on Dishonored, Skyrim and DLC and Rome 2 Total War. There are also a ton of fantastic indie games that aren’t represented at all. Last year’s sale was much more inclusive.

And the price went up to $16.77. Great job pricing your games, EA. I was just about to buy it too.

In better news, the new Indie Gala has added Deadly Premonition when you beat the average price (currently $5.19).

Price matched by Amazon, so if you have a coupon left, its 5.19

Amazon price-matched the Steam sale on Company of Heroes 2. The twist? They seem to have accidentally price-matched both the regular and collector’s editions to $13.59.

Not anymore. Ce is $27.19 now.

Massive edition includes the 3 issues/expansions/DLCs. If you were to buy them separately they’d cost you $25, so it’s a decent deal. They further the story, and their repeatable missions help with endgame gearing/grinding, if you’re into that.

Again, even if you’re not into MMOs, it works really well as a single player game with some great writing/puzzles. It’s a really generous F2P model compared to other MMOs. Apart from cosmetics and totally unnecessary boosts, those 3 DLCs pretty much covers all the content there is in the game (well, there is one more, but the story content of that DLC is free, and you’re basically paying for extra side “VR” scenarios.)

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This price got dropped back to $13.59 again.

And the Editor’s Choice discounts work on it, too.

Didn’t work for me - I don’t see Company of Heroes 2 in the EC list though so maybe it was removed? I’m fine with that since it’s 1/2 off anyways.

It didn’t apply the editor’s choice discount for me and it doesn’t show up on the editor’s choice page.

I picked up NFS Rivals for $22 with my $5 Editor’s Choice discount.

Weird. It definitely did for me. Maybe it got pulled?

Steam Today: Sword & Sworcery EP $1.59 (80% off). Includes soundtrack by Jim Guthrie.

Steam this week:
Syberia $2.49 (75% off).
Syberia II $2.49 (75% off).
Electronic Super Joy $1.59 (80% off).
Syder Arcade $2.50 (75% off).
[indent]Indie left-to-right-to-left arcade shooter. krayzkrok review.[/indent]
Bionic Dues $2.50 (75% off).
[indent]The Arcen game no one has ever played.[/indent]
STORM: Frontline Nation $1.99 (80% off).
Vector $5.59 (20% off).

Steam odds and ends:
Humans Must Answer $6.99 (30% off) until Jan 23.
[indent]Another left-to-right shooter, showed up on GOG last year.[/indent]